Bill’s Blog – The Week in Review


Here’s what I am NOT going to talk about this week…. The Oscars. Why are people SO obsessed with which host(ess) can outwit every previous host for this show. Does it matter to anyone..? Do I have to be shown time and time again photos of some actress tripping on her dress AGAIN this year as she climbs the steps to get some plastic statue. Does anyone care..? I’ve already said more than needs to be said. Too much more, actually. Oh and by the way… we don’t do Selfies, and I don’t care even if you’re Danish!!

Moving on.


Retirement Happiness column this week tells the tale of a retired schoolteacher in England who was “scared to retire”. It prompted a few people to admit their own fears. Concern about retirement is one thing, but fear is something way beyond that.

I would also encourage you to read our columnist, Bob Lowry this week in his “My First Few Years of Retirement: The Finances” article. It is one of the finest discussions on how financial preparation can run smoothly until something drastic happens – then how to cope with it and adjust lifestyle. Bob is one of America’s most popular bloggers with his Satisfying Retirement blog. This is a must read this week.


We also did our first Olderhood Podcast this week. As expected we had a few technical glitches, but the actual recording went smoothly (well, apart from a wee stutter from yours truly, which was actually a software malfunction – honest). We actually did it first-time-take – we discussed what we’d talk about certainly, but the actual recording went through beginning to end, one-time. The idea is to complement our new Retirement Happiness weekly column in a different medium. It’s a fairly chatty format, informal and a bit of back and forth banter. Have a listen


Why do I always have to talk about technology week after week…? But here we go again. I have a MasterCard. So I go on to the British Airways website to book air tickets (what else would I be booking you ask). After 15 minutes of “click this, click that, check this box, drop down boxes, what’s your age etc, etc) I get to check out. So, I fill in the details …”… Get to “Secure Code”….Done…”Authentication Failed”. Say what? Try again. Try again, Try again. Now I have to start the whole process all over again. Failed again. No tickets booked. No money taken. No comprendez. Call the Bank. They don’t know. Three days later they raise a ticket to MasterCard. Day 4 no response, call Bank again. Meanwhile seats all taken. Thanks to all.

So my feeling about all of this is……….. eh, “Priceless”… !!!!!


Do we do change the clocks this weekend …?

We do. WhoNoo.

Maybe y’all don’t all change…….please check.

Don’t take the word of this Old Geezer, cos Clocks don’t Run Backwards !!!


Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye, Bill

Envy is a waste of time.

Accept what you already have, not what you think you need.

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