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This has certainly been the week for plane-spotting. Isn’t this the most bizarre and tragic story about the Malaysian airlines plane. It is unbelievable that in today’s age of technology, they can’t find it. Apparently the Rolls-Royce engines (which this plane had) send out a signal every 30 minutes from wherever the plane is around the world, to their control base in Derby, England. This story also reminds us as to how vast the oceans are. Some of the geo-stats are incredible. I can’t imagine what the families are going through. Thoughts and prayers.


We did our second Podcast last weekend. No tech glitches this time around. We try to do a one-off recording, principally because I make it up as I go along, and if I’m asked to do it again, I’ve forgotten what I said … it’s an age thing !!!  We do spend quite a bit of time gathering our information and looking through people’s e-mails certainly, but then when we hit the “record” button, we run at it non-stop. Scary !! Have a listen


This week, I also decided to get “Back in the game” and seek some part-time work. The old grey matter is turning greyer it seems. So I sent out a few e-mails to those who know me (first mistake ;-))))). I said that “on call” stuff such as over-flow, job shortages, short-term projects etc would be fine. In, do the job, then out. No hanging around. Some may read these lines as advertising…… yikes……… some would be right……. “It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to, whine if I want to”. So there ‘) Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.


The Mastercard debacle I raised last week continued into this week. It’s sorted out now, I think. The two people at the bank I had been dealing with told me flatly that the bank couldn’t see my password and thus couldn’t go in and give me a new one (which I could later change). So, I had to struggle ALONE with the MC site, with no success. Another day went by, then another… by now the airline tickets I needed to buy, which had buy-deadlines, had expired, so we lost the tickets…!!! I then had to fight through the bank’s telephone answering system to find the person I thought I needed to talk to (referred to as a “superior” by the two assistants, who wouldn’t provide the name to me). Another day passes, I finally get the “superior”, who changes the password in 10 seconds, sends me the details and we’re off and running. By then, I realized that I had annoyed people by asking for the most basic of assistance. Ergo, it was MY fault. I concede. I’m the baddie. Priceless.

Oh and yes I did manage to make a decision about the Pension Funds (see earlier moans on this). I decided to switch pension providers, principally because the administration cost would be about 50% less with the new one. The paperwork is in hand, well we’ve had 3 attempts to get it right (see what I told you…… MY fault again. …NOT !!!).

I really, really, really do wish that Pension Providers would provide SERVICE, not just sell PRODUCT. They are so hell bent on telling you to build up your pension, how to invest the funds (according to their rules of course), and how to monitor it, that they almost totally skip the “How best to take the pension at the “back end”. It is a complicated issue and for those of us at the “back end” a very important one. I have heard this week of 4 people who are approaching retirement who are thoroughly disgusted at the intended payout and structure of their pensions. I won’t say they’ve been lied to about their options, but they certainly haven’t been told the full range of options. Some of you who read this blog are in the pensions industry, so please think about how you handle us Oldsters. Just because we aren’t paying IN to your portfolio pool now, doesn’t mean we should be tossed aside. Get someone on your team who KNOWS what the feelings, needs and expectations are for YOUR clients. (…and no, 25 year-olds won’t cut it…. !!!!!!). We’re watching.

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL,


LOL has gone from meaning, “laughing out loud” to “I have nothing else to say”.

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