Retirement Happiness Volume 1 – Issue 5 By Bill Storie

Happiness Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

By Bill Storie

“I’m a Hilton Girl.” No, not Paris.. !!

There are hotels the world over. Some are bad, some good, some great, some cheap, some expensive, then some are in the “OMG, how much..?” category.

Living out of a suitcase can be fun – for a while. Then it becomes a chore.

If, like many of us, you travelled on business from place to place year after year, then maybe, now in retirement, you’ve had your fill of dry, dull and drab hotel rooms. I once knew a motivational speaker from Canada who had to prop up the small book of matches you used to see in hotel rooms, by his bedside each night, so that in the morning when he opened his eyes, not knowing where he was, he’d check the matches to find out. Cute.

The retirement years are the fun years. Well, so they say. “We don’t do cheap and cheerful any more.”

The cost of hotel rooms, certainly in the big tourist attraction cities, like Rome, London, New York, Tokyo etc has skyrocketed, and won’t be coming back to earth ever again. Yet, in our latter years, if we want to see the Champs Elysees, we can either pay the high prices or seek the so-called budget place to stay.

Obviously your budget dictates what kind of hotel you can afford. However, there’s another way to look at it. Let’s do some arithmetic.

  • Cost of Budget Hotel in London (in US $) – $150 per room per night
  • Cost of Full Service Hotel in London –  $300 per room per night

… that’s a significant difference.

And, if you are staying for 5 nights say, the differential overall is 5 x $150, or a total of $750. Still a sizeable difference.

However, if you are only having one London vacation this year, then the differential in your overall, annual budget is probably immaterial. Even if you do 2 London trips this year, then $1,500 is probably also quite manageable. The cost of getting there is irrelevant to this issue because the airfare doesn’t impact the hotel cost.

Some of these hotel rooms, apart from being pricey, are also so small that staying in the room for any more than the sleeping hours, gives you the leg cramps. And if there are two of you, the bathroom suddenly becomes the refuge area. Not fun.

“I like being in Rome, but I’m exhausted. The walking, the heat, the people, the traffic, the noise, the shopping, the standing in line to eat … yikes. Then the thought of going back to that shoebox to relax, have a bath (not), lie on the bed and stretch out (not), look out of the window (not) …. Aargh !!!!!!

I will in all probability only ever be in Rome once in my life. Certainly, in the years I have left, I will most assuredly never be back here. So why am I inflicting such UnHappiness on myself…? This is MY time, MY vacation, MY money and MY life.

I need to wise up, do it MY way and make it a HAPPY trip.

Ask yourself this question:-

“Do I really want to go on the trip of my dreams and stay in cheap hotels…?

Next week we’ll continue to explore some of the positive ways you can change your life and find deep, sustainable HAPPINESS in a variety of everyday things in your life right now.

We hope you’ll join us.

“May you have Happiness all your Life”.

The Olderhood Team.

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