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I started off last week telling you about a conversation I’d had with a good friend of mine about the prioritization of tasks having been the standard when employed, as opposed to just determining what to do each day, in retirement.

We received a lot of feedback on that topic and many people wanted to know more about how to handle that change. The short answer is that there is no standard in retirement. There is no prescribed format to follow. It really is a case of making it up as you go along. I think the general feeling of anxiety stems from being worried that if there is NO plan, then one day may roll into the other without any pattern. Then one week rolls into another week and so on, until eventually the habit of doing nothing actually becomes the standard !!!

It’s really a very personal subject to be honest. One person’s idea of a fun day, or even just a good day, can easily be another person’s idea of boredom. “I just lay on the grass most of the morning, stared upwards, and watched the clouds and listened to the birds. It was heavenly.” “Yeah right !!!!”

It’s all very well to say that you must keep busy, but if there is no need to jump in the car and go to the office, then that statement is much easier said than done. Yes, you can do something Tuesday, maybe also Wednesday, then Thursday is a day of rest, just in time for the weekend !!! The business of doing nothing is tricky. Not to mention worrisome. But, the fact is you are not alone. We all suffer from the “what next” syndrome.


I watched El Clasico last Sunday…… Real Madrid at home to Barcelona. Great game, great teams. 7 goals. Penalties galore. These Spaniards sure know how to host a football game. Bravo. Roll on Brazil.


This week here in Bermuda has seen a windy and cold few days. It seems that as spring is here, winter has decided to show up. I hate to complain, but 58F daytime is really cold. You feel for us don’t you…? I wonder that if as I get older I feel cold weather more. Don’t know. Maybe the blood does thin (or that just restricted to the hair…?). In any event it was cold. So there.


We did our latest Podcast last weekend. This week Robin and I chatted about making adjustments in your life when you hit the “R-Day”. I’m not sure, regardless of how firmly a person believes that he or she is ready for retirement, that most people really ARE aware of the changes that occur. Clearly, until you have actually experienced the “freedom” it is extremely difficult to predict how you will feel, or what you will do. We discussed the issue of hobbies, and while I am personally not a big fan of mindless antics, I do respect those who do have a yearning to glue stuff together and place it on a shelf in the bedroom never to be looked at ever again.

Have a listen

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL,


The response, “LOL” now means “I have nothing else to say”.

One response to “Retirement – Up Close and Personal – Bill Storie

  1. Adjusting to retirement in the Philippines and after 3years I am now just getting it as I meet new friends from all over the world.Retirement seems to get better with time and being around retirees that can relate to your stories.Enjoy reading your column all the time and forward it to my friends here.Keep up the good work. Miles (Cebu) Philippines.

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