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sleeping dog

I received an e-mail from an old friend this week, who now lives in Monaco. He and his wife are coming here for a visit in May, so we’ll all catch up. He is English and worked here in Bermuda many years ago – we worked for the same accounting firm. He then moved on to Europe and ended up in Monte Carlo in the international trust business. The lad has done very well for himself. Good for him.

But it reminded me of a funny, but true story, of his from way back. He lived at that time in a very nice part of the island. He had a studio apartment and lived on his own. One evening someone came to his door and asked if he had a tape recorder, which fortunately he did. He loaned it to this fellow for several days. When it was returned, the man said, “John thanks you very much, it was a great help.”

It turns out that “John” was none other than John Lennon. He was on vacation in the cottage next door and used the tape recorder to record “Double Fantasy”, which sadly turned out to be his last ever recorded music before his tragic death in New York in December 1980.


We started a series on our Facebook Page of great quotes about animals and their place in our families. This week’s post is below.

Perhaps as get older, we appreciate the fun and joy that pets bring to our lives. Maybe now we have more time to appreciate them. I’ve been on my own this week, and have had the pleasure of our family dog, Chianti. She’s getting on a bit now (aren’t we all), but what a pleasure to have her company.


By the time this article gets posted we will have reached the unbelievable number of 1,000 Members in our Olderhood International Club. We have Members from the U.S., Canada, UK, France, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and last but not least, hundreds from the Philippines. We had no target in mind when we launched the Club, but I can for sure say that 1,000 was not even a dreamland number. It has been an illuminating journey and we have met an amazing range of cultures and interests. We share vast amounts of useful information, and the fellowship is excellent. We have now also had several “in-person” events organized, and the pictures of “new friends” enjoying each other’s company, have been heart-warming.


Lastly this week, we posted our latest Podcast. This week Robin and I chatted about ticking off your Bucket List with vacation travel. We’ve called it “Happy Trails”. Bill argues that if this is the trip of a lifetime, then why take the cheap option of the budget hotel. By doing a little arithmetic, the happiness level that can be achieved by having a comfortable bedroom for example, surely is an expense well worth the money. Don’t be cheap about the basic comforts, spend a few extra dollars.. !!!

Have a listen


Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL,


The response, “LOL” now means “I have nothing else to say”.

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