Retirement – Up Close and Personal by Bill Storie


“Silly old fool”

I’ll say it for you. Last weekend I badly sprained my ankle. I could tell you how I did it, but I won’t. I could tell you how sore it has been, so I will. It’s been sore. There’s no doubt that simple things like this are more painful and take longer to heal as we get older. I get that. I’m sure you have aches and pains yourself, so why do you want to hear about mine..? You don’t. So I’ll move on.


I switched laptops last weekend. In doing so I have now gained my B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering. Isn’t technology wonderful..? .. No. That fellow Gates has a lot to answer for I’ll tell you.

I could tell you the issues I have had to deal with to transfer the data and so forth from old to new, but I won’t. I should have made the switch a while back but I hesitated because I knew how difficult the switch can be. I have just confirmed that it is frustrating, awkward, confusing, upsetting (“I’m scared to open my eyes to see if I still get that damned message again .. !!!!!! ”). The number of times I had to insert my access code to give permission for Windows to make a change, caused me to wake every hour on the hour through the night, repeating the code.

Then you call a help desk and they say :

“So, what’s the problem..?”

For starters you’ve got a young kid who’s already sniggering at this old geezer who probably was around when Henry Ford invented the Model T. Not a heart-warming start.

Nonetheless, I explain.

“Can you send me a screen shot..?”

“Of what? My angry face?”

“Have you ticked this box?”


“Hmmm. Have you unticked this box and inserted your password?”


“Tell me, did you add your access code BEFORE you inserted your height?”

“Huh? My height?. My height, you’re joking right?”

“Ah-ha. Ho. Oh-o. Wow, got it. Hmm. That’s your mistake.”

What is.?

In Windows 8 the IP URL configuration is not compatible with the I/O standard which means that your router can only shake hands with your mail server if you set the incoming port PPM to a number greater than your height. Microsoft is working on it and it should be fixed in Release 8.2”

Say what??????????????

..oh and lastly…. THEY are NEVER wrong, it is ALWAYS “Your end”


Lastly this week, we posted our latest Podcast. This week Robin and I chatted about the joy of having pets and also about the milestone in the Olderhood International Club of exceeding 1000 Members. We’ve called it “Doggie Heaven”.

Have a listen


I shall now hirple off to have a cup of tea, call another help desk, get annoyed yet again and be deemed to be a grumpy old fool. !!!

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL,


The response, “LOL” now means “I have nothing else to say”.

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