A Harrowing Experience


Retirement – Up Close & Personal

(Bill’s Weekly Blog)

“A harrowing experience”

I looked up the dictionary on this. It said, “extremely disturbing or distressing; grievous”. Its synonyms are “painful, agonizing, tormenting, heartbreaking.”

Any by now you’re stricken with concern. “My goodness, what has happened to this poor lad.?” You’re holding your breath I can tell.

Well, I’ll tell you.

Last week I told you that I was switching from an old laptop to a new one. The old one had Windows 7 and the new one has Windows 8. Easy-peasy, right?… wrong.

I have this vision of some 18 year-old whizz-kid who lives in the “Geek Islands” (yes that is spelt correctly). His entire make-up is to intentionally confuse and annoy people with his new operating system. His rationale is that 1 MILLION people buy a new PC every year and they need to be shown how easy it is to navigate through the new system, so kiddo makes a streamlined version. Of course, he completely ignores the fact that 2 BILLION people around the world are used to the old system and know their way around. He works for a company called MicroVeryHard.

Every single day yet another anomaly has cropped up. I’m not the smartest techie in the world, but I have a fair idea of what to do … pity those folks who were told “Hey this new technology is so simple, it’s just “Plug and Play”. There is NO excuse for this absurd nonsense.


So, my entire week has been consumed by technology, but let’s move on. Short week this week. Today is Good Friday (isn’t every Friday good…?). Look, I’m all in favour of days off, even though being retired I have every day off. But couldn’t we find a better way to do this one day holiday stuff..? It messes up the entire week. Things which are done on Monday, then Tuesday etc now have to be squished into 4 days not 5. Scheduling becomes a nightmare. “What day is it today?” I’m confused.


So, how’s about we do this. We take Good Friday + Christmas Day + Remembrance Day + Labour Day + a Bank Holiday + whatever else, and roll them all together into one week. The whole world can be off for a full week and we can go to bed after a Good Friday day of celebration and wake up on Christmas morning. I think that’s pretty cool.


Lastly this week, we posted our latest Podcast. This week Robin and I chatted about how friendships change as we age and how those life-long friends can sometimes become hard work !!!. We’ve called it “The Friends Factor”. We’re now on You Tube by the way.

Have a listen


Have a really good Friday y’all.

…and have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL,



The response, “LOL” now means

“I have nothing else to say”.






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