Retirement – Up Close and Personal by Bill Storie


“A Tunnel at the end of the Light”

Two quick updates for you. Firstly the new car has been bought. Delivery early next week. Hoo-woo. Secondly, my Windows 8 problems are coming to an end (not without considerably more angst, frustration and sheer stupidity) – I do have a proposal though, see below.


I watched a tremendous documentary at the weekend called “Clydebuilt” …. A BBC series about ships that were built on the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland, where they went in the world and what they got up to. This week was about a cable-laying ship called the Mackay-Bennett, which was built in the early 1900s. It laid the first cable across the Atlantic between a point in Ireland and Halifax, Nova Scotia. That was fascinating in itself, but this ship was also called upon to go out from Halifax to recover bodies from the Titanic disaster. Not nice I agree, but hang on.

They picked up a small 19 month old boy who was not able to be identified (no papers etc. on him). He was buried in Halifax as the “unknown child”. No-one knew who he was. Yet about ten years ago a local man decided to try and use DNA, and sure enough they pinned the boy down. His brown shoes are still in the Halifax Museum. Amazing.

Next in the series they actually come to Bermuda and trace the gun-runner ship, the Robert E. Lee., which went down off Bermuda. I’ll tell you about it next week.


Our Olderhood International Club is increasing rapidly. Not sure why, but it is. Spreading the word is more and more becoming the new “advertising” in today’s technology world – ease of access plus quality material, images and so forth, all seem to add up. We held another live event in Cebu City, Philippines earlier this week. A group of OIC Members gathered together to meet and share thoughts and so forth, in a friendly environment. Yours truly joined them by Skype. Great time.


Ok, so here’s my idea…………… don’t’ Miss MISS……

My International Software Summit (“MISS”), 2014 to be held in Bermuda in October. I am calling on the giants of the software world to come here and discuss how they should be better working together for the benefit of mankind (a.k.a. their customers). Microsoft, Facebook, Skype, Google, Norton, Firefox, YouTube, etc., etc., etc…. and the myriad of computer cleaning software companies and other service providers to the computer age…. You are all invited.

The idea of MISS is to get these companies in the same room at the same time to discuss how their programs are, or should be, compatible with everyone else in the room. Sneaky little tweaks to prevent the user from uploading, far less understanding, their programs, will not be tolerated… we will expose their devious ways. We’ll get this nonsense sorted out once and for all !!!

I bet millions of users around the world will be watching intently. E-mail me, Bill Storie, if you would like to attend MISS …

Don’t Miss Miss 2014


Our latest Podcast.

This week Robin and I chatted about how, especially as we get older, the need for some sort of Appreciation becomes more important.  This week’s Podcast is called “Appreciating Fire Horses” …  Have a listen

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

Bye and LOL (means “I have nothing else to say”).


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