Retirement – Up Close and Personal by Bill Storie


This has been a sad week for me. A man called Sandy Jardine, one of Scotland’s best football players, passed away at age 65. I knew Sandy for many years and he was the consummate good player and fine ambassador for football. Sandy was well known in all the top international football circles. I watched him play countless times. His loss is mourned by many people around the world. RIP Sandy.


A good friend of mine and his wife have a retirement villa in Spain where they go very regularly. He was, and to a fair extent still is, in show business, so the ability to get away and chill for a few weeks is always enjoyable. They bought it several years ago when Spanish property was a lot less than its peak, but probably much about the same as Spanish property sells for these days. Boom and bust right enough. I know another couple who bought a fairly expensive place over there a few years ago, so they could live there in retirement.

The contrasting lifestyles does make you think about if and when you should buy a retirement home. There are countless numbers of people who bought property abroad, especially in Spain, who, now have seen their nest egg reduce dramatically. It must be heart-breaking to realize that all those years of hard work have been severely impacted. It really is a life-changing decision. Think seriously. Measure twice, build once.


I visited my old bank today for a private group health lecture and lunch. Extremely well organized and presented. The health information was very interesting (presented by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore). I met several former colleagues which was lovely. I tried hard to see if my inner feelings and thoughts about having taken early retirement from the bank would trouble me. I wasn’t sure how, but wanted to see what impact there would be, if any. They are a happy bunch, and I miss that camaraderie, but I do have to say that their rush-rush lifestyle is not on my envy list at all. It was nice to walk out and away at 2.30 in the afternoon (not that I ever did that when I worked there you understand – well, unless there was a big football game on of course.). So it was really nice to see the folks, but I ain’t coming back y’all.


I decided it was about time I did an update video about Olderhood and the Olderhood International Club. It’s been 4 months since my first video and things have moved on considerably since then. I hope you enjoy it.


Our latest Podcast.

This week Robin and I talked about a great article written by Bob Lowry on the Olderhood blog. Bob addressed the many issues associated with thinking about downsizing homes at this age and stage of life. It’s not an easy matter to handle.

“Moving Matters” …  Have a listen


Have a nice weekend




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