Retirement Up Close and Personal by Bill Storie


“It’s not a Bentley”

….nonetheless, the new car has been delivered. Toyota I think. I drive maybe 500 miles a year in the car here in Bermuda (most of the time I drive my wee Vespa scooter thing), so comfort and joy for long-distance travel is not high on my list. A long car journey for me is 10 miles. Any more than that I have to do bed and breakfast… !!! Anyhoo, you won’t be hearing any more about the saga of the new car. A sigh of relief can be heard across the globe, even in Toyota headquarters.


Ok, so more mundane things now ….

Met up with some local friends yesterday for lunch. Haven’t seen them for ages – and they live half a mile from us. It was great to catch up and chat. Sharing stories of retirement living – health, insurance, budgets, diets, etc – is always therapeutic. Sometimes I think, “Am I dense..? I never thought of doing that.” It really is refreshing to get another person’s perspective on things that trouble you – because it will, in all probability, be something that troubles them too. We need to talk more.

The only problem however, is that by the time you get home after lunch, you’ve forgotten most of the conversation. We need to write things down more.


I have tried to stay away from the Independence for Scotland debate. For those who are not familiar – in September this year, the population of Scotland will vote on whether to break away from the United Kingdom and become an independent nation. The Union of the Crowns as it is called, between Scotland and England took place in 1707, so there’s a wee bit of unravelling to do.

However this week the Prince of Scottish Comedy, (a certain Billy Connolly) weighed in. So, I’ll do so too. He is firmly against the notion to separate and so am I. He asks the simple question, “Why?”. Me too.

I am as patriotic as can be, as is Billy Boy, but it starts and stops at football. No seriously, I have yet to hear a solid argument FOR the motion.  Moreover, if we have spent 300 years together, then can we honestly trust our judgment for the next 300 years. It is an enormous decision, of gigantic proportions and consequences for generations to come. Think wisely Scotland.


The football season is drawing to a close. This troubles me greatly. In this retirement lifestyle, where I can conjure up large amounts of free time, the insertion of a football game (Scotland, England, Spain) can fill the void rather well. I love it. Some will say that the World Cup comes this summer (in Brazil), so I should have something to look forward to … well the problem is that in every World Cup, Scotland always forgets to show up, so we end up cheering on any team that plays England ………… oops, in light of the above I perhaps shouldn’t have…… ah forget it.


Our latest Podcast.

This week Robin and I talked about starting off on the happy foot when encountering someone in a shop etc. Exude happiness and happiness comes back to you.

“Honk if You’re Happy” …  Have a listen


Have a nice weekend



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