Is it stress?


There is an ancient proverb that states “If diet is not correct, medicine will not help, if diet is correct, medicine is not necessary”.

As everyone reading this is aware, I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to give medical advice. Having said this, I do believe that there is a very strong correlation between what you put in your mouth and the overall state of your health. The person who lives on fast food and cream puffs is just never going to be in good health. Period.

The interesting question here is “why” on earth do people continue to smoke, drink, or eat sugar and saturated fats when they know beyond any doubt that they are damaging their health?

An even better question is “why” don’t these people realize that they are ultimately going to put their bodies into such an extreme state of un-balance that develop a very serious secondary health problem? If we suppose that these people either “don’t care” or are “in denial” about what they are doing to themselves; why are there so many people literally feeding the weakest parts of their nature?

We live in the most technologically advanced age to ever exist on this planet. Life is supposed to be convenient and easy – why then, are an ever increasing number of people literally eating themselves to death?

Is it possible that the competition to have it all now, be the most beautiful, be the most popular, live in the biggest house, and earn the most money is just too much for most people? Is it possible that the stress of not “measuring up” is literally inducing millions of people to stuff things in their mouths to offset the intense feelings of emptiness that they are experiencing?

Think about it – the images of the chosen few are EVERYWHERE: television, music, bill boards, the subway, magazines and the internet. The pressure to be perfect, or get out of the way is phenomenal.

What has happened to the middle path – the place where one enjoys life and appreciates the good things that one does have?

Why does no one understand that the neighbour with the huge house is deeply in debt, the Kardashians aren’t happy,  most super models have eating disorders, and rap music is mostly about violence, envy and hate?

And now the really big question: Why are most of us more interested in taking a pill to mask or alleviate the symptoms of our real problems, rather than dealing with our inner weaknesses?

What would happen if the next time you saw someone about to eat a donut, you asked them to stop and tell you how their day was going, and gave them a hug instead?


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