Olderhood Insights by Bill Storie


Good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld, French author & moralist (1613 – 1680)


I never did fully comprehend what is meant by good advice. I always believed that if I was in a situation where my advice was sought, or I just automatically rendered it, that I always gave good advice. Looking back now as I’ve got older, I realize that it was at best, honest advice, and probably the best advice I could have provided, given my age and experience. However I now know that, in some cases, perhaps most cases, it was probably not “good” advice. I now know that good advice is a blend of age, experience, intuition and common sense – a blend, which the younger man finds hard to achieve. Yet often I hear myself putting an addendum on to the advice ‘ “I am too old to intentionally give you bad advice, so I’ve given you my best shot – take it or leave it – makes no difference to me.”


2 responses to “Olderhood Insights by Bill Storie

  1. Bill, Interesting topic.
    You are braver than I am. In my professional life I was a PR person and fundraiser for behavioral healthcare organization. In that time I discovered many people would looking to me for advice. Actually free advice on personal problems because they thought it was easier than going into counseling. I would tell them I was not a therapist but still many seemed to hang on my every word.

    So today, I am very hesitant to give my advice. Maybe I will render an opinion but mostly I just listen and help people find their own answers. Because I believe that’s when most people feel comfortable–doing what they want.

  2. If you feel you have something worthwhile to say, then say it. People will like you for being honest. They may disagree, but they will recognise that you are being genuine.

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