New Car – The Granny Blog by Sheena Storie


My new car is all of four weeks old and it feels like we have had it forever. I love it. Nice high seats, large trunk space, and the radio and A/C both work!!

However, my new rules of not eating and drinking in the car didn’t last very long.

I had collected the two boys from school last week and made a quick stop at a grocery store, naturally the boys chose a snack each. And I was foolish to think that they could hold the snack in the car and not actually eat them … so after a few minutes of begging and whining with me occupied by driving, I gave in. At least they waited until I said they could open the packets!

Once we got home they decided they would brush the floor of the car, and we made a reasonable attempt. But I still had a mess to clear up …brushes and litter all over the car park.

Previously, my oldest grandson had negotiated with me to help clean the car, and we agreed on five dollars – for the outside only.

However he came to me with a new price…..”I have to get ten Grandma”….

“What” I said, “No, we agreed five”.

“But that was before I saw how big this bus really is .. !!!”, he said. “So its 10”.

I am still thinking about it. I might need to pay him. We’ll see.

Last weekend was a big holiday in Bermuda. May 24 is Bermuda Day and the first official day when Bermudians go overboard…that is, to go swimming in the ocean. There were many parties, beach picnics, pool events and boats launched in to the sea,

May weather is still a bit cool for me ….but yesterday was a super-hot day, so I’m writing this inside in the air conditioning. The public holiday was celebrated Monday (26th) this year as May 24 was on the weekend.

Both daughter’s families went out having fun. The boys were watching the May 24th Marathon race and cheering on their Dad and his friends, who were all running. Then they went to watch the Grand Parade that meanders through town and is alive with music, dancing, and spectacular floats made from flowers. Kind of like “Carnival” in Rio or Trinidad. They really are a sight to behold. Plenty of food and drink and fun.

Meanwhile, the other family went off to the other end of the island to a pool party …and they borrowed my new car to get all their equipment and food in….!!!!

So hubby and I took residence in our den with the A/C on, both writing or reading, the house was quiet and we enjoyed the solitude ….just what we wanted…

Long may it continue.

p.s. the new car came back safe and clean. Woo-hoo… !!!

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