Retirement Happiness Volume 2 – Issue 5

RH Weekly Cover

Last week we discussed vitamins, which ones to take and which ones to think about.

One of the important issues about taking vitamins, apart from the decision as to which ones to take, is the cost thereof, and the benefit therefrom.

It is probably quite safe to say that there are no vitamins in the marketplace today, which, when taken, produce a marked difference, or benefit, immediately. In fact, it may be safe to say that there are none which can clearly be said show a marked difference ever.

So why take them..? Why spend the money..?

Valid questions without valid answers. One wonders if it might just be the vitamin sales companies that “see” the marked improvement in your life. Surely not, he muses.

If we eat a balanced diet, with fruits and vegetables, especially organic, then are we not already getting all the benefits..? Why do we need more..?

The real answer is probably that if we are eating properly then we don’t need extra vitamin therapy. However, are we truly eating properly, are we eating the correct quantities, and so forth..?

That’s precisely where the vitamin industry gets us. We don’t honestly know. More to the point, there’s no reliable means to find out. We can’t take a blood test to find out which vitamins we need (aside from obvious, chronic need for say iron, and other situations). So, we’re in no-man’s land. So what do we do..?

We err on the side of caution and buy the essentials – well, the “essentials” according to some guru, or magazine article, or some TV doctor, or the like. It’s not a bad decision to be fair, but it might be a burden to our weekly budget.

Vitamins are not cheap, in the main. Some labels show confusingly weird processes which we accept without collaboration, and as such, we buy into the cost of such a process. It is very difficult to correlate the cost of a vitamin with any measurable comparative. We’re stuck.

In recent years the vitamin industry has exploded. Every time you go to the pharmacy to get your “essentials” you are faced with an immense array of “must haves”, the majority of which you’ve never heard of before. “Do people actually buy this junk?” you mutter to yourself. Then you go home, go on the Internet and guess what..? …. You discover that the symptoms on the website are exactly what you have and therefore you dash back to the pharmacy and buy this “latest best friend” – the one you’ve never heard of before. It is now the discovery of the century and your life will completely depend on it.

Another sucker bites the dust.

There is no magic formula to what you need, and how much it will cost. It is trial and error with a large dash of hope. Rest assured though – you are not alone with that dilemma. We all, every one of us, suffer from the same confusion.

If you DO notice a difference then for sure take the vitamin. If you’re not sure, but can afford it, then go ahead and take it. You won’t die from a lack of Acai Berry deficiency. You won’t.

In the meantime …

Ask yourself this question:-

“Do I know what are MY “essentials” and can I afford them ..?”

“May you have Happiness all your Life”

The Olderhood Team.

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