Retirement Happiness Volume 2 – Issue 7 by Bill Storie

RH Weekly Cover

Having discussed diets and vitamins and all the good stuff we should be doing, it’s now time to discuss the biggest problem we all have. Food … and the intake thereof.

Getting older brings its own health problems typically, yet we are adept at making it worse by eating what we want. Yet, it shouldn’t be like that.

There does seem to be a mind-set within some sections of the oldies amongst us which says that “At this age, after years and years of food-watching, I am now just going to eat whatever I want.” You’d think we would know better, but we don’t. Well some of us do and some don’t.

Yet, who’s to say that those folks should be denied the right to eat whatever they want. It really is a psychological issue. Everyone knows that eating too much, or eating the wrong foods, or not eating at all is damaging to our health. But many people have the attitude that they have reached this age … but know that their days are numbered … so they want those days to be pleasurable. The fact is that while younger people would cringe at that attitude, the fact is also that when you are older, your feelings and emotions are completely different. In fact, that notion that you are quite comfortable “abusing” yourself, is really not a tough call for many oldsters.

Common sense changes shape as we get older. It really does. So the “physical” part of eating in many cases takes second place to the “psychological” part. It is all in the mind. Well, perhaps not all in the mind, but the principle of mind over matter certainly does play a pivotal role in controlling your food intake as we get older.

Having the discipline of eating properly, at regular intervals, is critical to our health as we age. Some say we should eat small and eat often. All very well if your demeanor accommodates that, but for some of us, the idea that we can go to say a brunch and eat modestly is not within our psyche. Maybe it’s a value for money thing of course, but the truth is that when we see quality food, well presented, plus the fact we are paying for it regardless of how much we eat, then wild horses will not hold you back. They won’t, so let it be.

Therefore, perhaps the trick is not to necessarily beat yourself up about eating too much bad food, but to try and monitor it and control it. Having the odd binge is not that bad if you pace yourself and re-balance your next few meals.

So, in the meantime …

Ask yourself this question:-

“Could I honestly go to a baseball game and NOT have a hot dog and fries..?” No, I didn’t think so. So what..? Enjoy yourself, go on. “I’ll start my diet tomorrow !!!”

“May you have Happiness all your Life”

The Olderhood Team.

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