Lots of Time – The Granny Blog by Sheena Storie

By Sheena Storie

When I retired I thought I was going to have lots of spare time to do whatever I wanted to. The reality is very different.

And it’s not the grandchildren, friends, husband, or cleaning that’s using up most of my time. It’s the collection of electronic social media gadgets I have I to attend to that make me lose hours a week!!

In a corner of my kitchen lies a mountain of black winking items that call to me every day. It’s the cell phone, the iPad, the iPod, two lap tops, a camera and a printer.

Apart from making sure that I charge all of them daily, I also need to check my e mails, ;  check Facebook ; download new tunes ; check the grandkids photos then save or print … Decisions decisions.. !!!

Then I must read the newspapers both local and overseas – usually online. I don’t want to miss anything I reckon. Sometimes it’s after ten o’clock before I start my day…. !!!

Then I need to check on them all over again, and again, throughout the day

To be honest, I don’t have sufficient will power to shut them off, and I get drawn into the inner reaches of the Internet.

But I think I have had enough of it all.

I feel like a voyeur into other people’s lives. I’m quite bored by it all actually ….did I just say that out loud…? I know it’s a great medium for connecting with people around the world, but I just look – I don’t post anything anywhere. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my families lives with others. Am I alone in thinking this way ? ….. anyone else out there who thinks the same thing…?

Ok, I know that Facebook and email are valuable connectors for people who live alone, or are house-bound. I do understand the concept.  It’s me that’s at odds with it. Sending e-mail to friends is fine. I like to keep in touch now and again, with friends overseas. And my daughters can contact me by email from their desks at work.

So why do I really feel like giving it all up…? No more iPad, Facebook, e mail, or newspapers, online.

I am totally overwhelmed by it all, and annoyed at the time it takes out of my day. Maybe I need to manage my time more constructively … or not. Anyone else feel that social media is overwhelming..?

Clearly this is something I need to work out for myself, I get that. But if one day my Facebook page disappears and my email is no more … then remember you heard it here first.chess

Let me know what you think.

Having said all that though … I will still work on my Granny Blog ….this I like to do !!!

One response to “Lots of Time – The Granny Blog by Sheena Storie

  1. I think the “electronic social media gadgets” are replacing the social circle of family and friends we grew up with. It keeps our minds off the aches and pains usually associated with old age. I see no harm in succumbing to it. Do not perceive yourself as a “voyeur into other people’s lives” but as a person who is interested in keeping the channels of communication open if the others want to use it. If they do not it is their loss.

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