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Part One:

Old age is not something society tends to view in a glowing and positive way most of the time; much of the advice concerning old age is about trying not to reach it and pretending that old age is something that won’t ever catch up with us.

But old age is a time to be celebrated as much as any other time in the full cycle of life and it’s a time when we can find deep self-fulfillment and happiness. For many people, it’s the first time in their lives where they have the chance to fully live without being burdened by the expectations and ideas of others who have impacted them throughout life. Yet, it’s crucial that you don’t confuse self-realization with the mere acting out of external needs, for such needs are short-term and lack deep fulfillment. To be truly happy in the depths of your soul, inner happiness must be cultivated too and it is never too late to learn how.

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    Don’t conform to age stereotypes. If you enjoy something, get out and do it. If health problems interfere, find ways to work around them and still get into the things that matter to you. Associate with groups of diverse people, not all in your age group. Don’t think of your life as over, look at your future and plan for it actively. Socializing with young people who share your interests is a good way to keep in balance and avoid getting socially sidelined.

  • Eat healthy. This includes eating raw vegetables and fruit every day.
  • Avoid or quit unhealthy substances and habits. If you haven’t already done so, now is the ideal time to give up taking drugs, excess alcohol, smoking, and over-eating.
  • Stay active. There are plenty of sports ideal for the older body, and many of these can also involve being around other people (and beautiful scenery if you choose your exercising location well). Try sports like walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, and aqua aerobics to maintain an optimal fitness level.
  • Practice positive thinking.
  • Take up meditation. If you’re not already meditating, this is the perfect time to start. It will settle your mind and any unrest like nothing else.


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    Aim to be active every day for at least half an hour or one hour. Go walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or do intensive yoga. Visit a health center or have an exercise bike in the comfort of your own place. It could be said that if you sweat once a day, the illness keeps away!

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    Cultivate happiness. In old age, inner happiness must be cultivated. Old age often brings energy loss, disease, a sense of meaninglessness, and worry about external problems over which you have no control. When the nerves are getting weaker, inner positivity is at great risk of declining. In old age, it’s necessary to make an effort to cultivate happiness through everyday exercises that can maintain both physical health and strengthen your inner happiness. Make the choice to stay involved with your continued growth rather than giving in to socially condoned decline.

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    Read a spiritual book for one hour each day.There are many good books who can inspire you on your way of inner happiness, all you need to do is choose the ones that align with your own interpretation of spirituality. Reading is the best trainer for maintaining a positive mind and for answering many of your probing questions, and is also a perfect means for controlling your negative thoughts. Being exposed to spiritual writing and passages on a daily basis is uplifting and helps you to continue to hone your sense of purpose. Look for the positive sentences and learn them by heart, or at least say them over to yourself several times. And make a deal with yourself to start every day with a positive vision.

Part Two Next Week …


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  1. Yes,I like,informative and beneficial for both body,mind,soul.Thank you for sending such valuable documents.

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