Retirement Happiness Volume 2 – Issue 8 by Bill Storie

RH Weekly Cover

By Bill Storie

Continuing on from last week’s discussion about food.

Answer this……. “Do you like to pig-out now and again..?”

Of course you do. Me too. I really used to like going to Sunday brunch. The food was always excellent, the variety amazing and the quantity amazing. I once had visitors here from Italy and the guy loves sushi. We go to brunch and he eats 5 platefuls of sushi. Yes five !!!

I gave up on brunch a while back though because what I found was that I would eat mountains of food, most of which I never otherwise eat, at lunchtime. Totally stuffed. Ï won’t eat for days after that.” Then by 7 pm I’m starving.. !! What !!!!!

The stretching of the old tummy really does have an impact. A few hours later it needs to be fed again. So, I gave up on the brunch.

I really do believe that quantity of food is one of our worst enemies.

Not wishing to upset our American cousins, but go into a normal restaurant in the States and ask for say a roast beef sandwich. Then before you eat it, count the number of slices you got. If you have anything less than 20, I bet you’ll complain. Anything less, and the restaurant knows that you’ll go to their competitor next door. This is a lose-lose situation.

I was in a restaurant in Toronto recently. The guy I was with and I, ordered a starter between us. It came with French fries, unbeknown to us. We nibbled away at them … who wouldn’t..? But we had already ordered a main dish each WITH fries. So between us we had in the region of 200 fries on the table. I ask you…!!!!

So part of the problem, apart from eating the wrong foods at time, is the amount of food we think we need to stay healthy, or just to stay alive. But the need for that amount of food is not necessary. You will easily get by on 5 slices of roast beef and 20 fried ;-))

Seriously though, the more attention you pay to quantity and scheduling of food, the better you will feel.

Work out what you best pattern is. A “big” meal in the middle of the day ..? A snack in the afternoon and a smaller meal at night, or the main meal on its own, in the evening..?

If you train your stomach to be satisfied with smaller, but regular, portions of food, your overall health will stabilize, certainly in the eating area. Your body can’t handle vast amounts of food, and more especially if it is hard to digest and process through the system.

And, drink warm water with your meal, or tea, or green tea, or ginger tea. Coffee after the meal if you must, but not during the meal. Help you body digest your food with warm, not cold, beverages.

So, in the meantime …

Ask yourself this question:-

“Do I really feel (especially men) like a hero by consuming large loads of food at brunch..?”

“May you have Happiness all your Life”

The Olderhood Team.

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