Retirement Happiness Volume 2 – Issue 10 … by Bill Storie


RH Weekly CoverThis is the last in this Volume 2 Series.

We’ve been discussing food, eating, diets and so forth. The list is endless in truth and the opinions and suggestions are off the map. So, is there a conclusion that we Oldsters can find in the area of food etc…?

  • Yes (that’s the good news)
  • Not really (that’s the not so good news)

The fact of the matter is that what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. We are all different. Yes we have similarities, but the notion that “one size fits all” is total myth.

The key is to work out two things – Quantity and Type – of food

The Quantity factor is the big secret. You would be surprised how little you can get by on. Yes, that’s right “little”. There is no need for large meals 2/3 times a day. Not even once a day in most cases. The stomach shrinks and can stay that way very healthily forever. But if you stretch it by having even one huge meal (the famous brunch for example) then it takes time to re-adjust back to its size before the meal. If you persist in having large meals all the time then your stomach craves to be filled. It doesn’t need it but you created more space down there and it wants filling. Eat small, eat often. Eat well.

The other factor is Type of food. There is no doubt that by and large, as we age, our tastes and tolerances changes. Years ago we loved that hot curry (Madras, woo-hoo). But maybe now the need for probiotics to help the digestion of spicy foods is telling us something else. We’re too old for spicy. “Yikes. Oh no, don’t tell me that.”

The same observation of course applies to any number of other foods not just spicy e.g. dairy products being a good example.

Until and unless you wake up and realize that quantity and type of foods have changed for you, the better. Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain.

Don’t be a martyr If it disagrees with you then do something about it. Don’t eat it.

“We went out to a great steak restaurant last night and the steaks looked fantastic. So, I had one. Mind you I was awake all night with stomach cramps and nausea. It’s a long time since I had a steak, but boy was it good.” Idiot.

When you are out, or over at friend’s house for dinner and something appears that does not agree with you “Just say no”. If they are offended then they are neither friend nor family. Do not, repeat do not, tamper with your digestive system just to please people. It is you that suffers physically. They only go in the huff – too bad.

If spicy does a number on you don’t do spicy. If milk in your coffee upsets drink it black. If sweet dessert makes you nauseous, don’t eat that cheesecake.

You don’t have to eat organic raw carrots all the time, so don’t go there. You can easily find plenty foods that agree with you. Food is for energy and enjoyment.

So, in the meantime …

Ask yourself this question:-

“Do I really want to eat foods that disagree with me…?

“May you have Happiness all your Life”

The Olderhood Team.

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