Life in the Fast Lane

Fast lane

Well not quite.

These are observations I made over many years of being in the business world. Now that I’m retired I can share them without fear of much, if any, contradiction… !!!


A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

Lenin, Russian Communist politician & revolutionary (1870 – 1924)

Isn’t that just the truth. I have to admit that I have, on occasion, embellished the truth about what I’ve done in life, or who I’ve met, or places I’ve been. I’ve never made something up which is totally wrong – don’t think I’m that creative.

My worst one is that while I have been in San Francisco many times over the years, I have never been across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve seen it. I’ve almost sat underneath it, but I have never actually crossed over it. Now, how bad is that…? It just seems patently obvious to me to say “Yes, I have been across it”, than to explain why, having been there many times, that I’ve never crossed it. I’ve told that story so often that nowadays I actually believe that I have actually gone over it. Sad, isn’t it…?

A number of years ago, I was a guest in the Directors Box at a Manchester United football game. After the game, in the Directors Lounge area I met the famous George Best – a lad who played for Manchester United and Northern Ireland, and was one of the greatest football players the world has ever seen. I did meet him and said hello. So far so good. However he had no interest in spending time with me (and I hasten to add that he was like that with others in the area as well). But, and here it comes ….. when I tell people that I met George Best, which is absolutely true, they ask what kind of person was he. Then the truth gets foggy. “He was brilliant. We chatted for ages.” Oops. Now, I firmly believe that George and I DID have a great conversation. Dream on. Mind you, I have often wondered if George ever embellished the truth from his side about me. Possible..? Nah.

Stick to the True Truth – it’s easier to remember.

One response to “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. The truth will set you free..
    You are not alone..i confess i must have done that on several occassion but find no satisfaction after. Its like putting on a mask and showing the not so real you..a fake.. so when conscience talk to you have no reason to give for embellishing your stories with lies.. and like a spider you begun to web more lies..ultimately when caught ends up in shame..

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