Appreciating health


Bill Storie has been writing a lot lately about health and the perils of over eating. Yesterday I was quite unwell. It was just a 24 hour virus but it knocked me flat. Writing a blog post was out of the question – I hurt too much play with my dog and frankly I am not even sure that I brushed my hair.

But I did have time to do some thinking, and as I was lying there aching I realized that there are people who have serious illnesses who struggle just to get out of bed in the morning day after day after day and the majority of these illnesses are avoidable in the first place.

I am not sure that I really needed a reminder, but I got one just the same. The greatest blessing in my life is my health and it is worth preserving at all costs.

Sleep, exercise, water and proper nutrition are just not optional for people over fifty. We may “feel” young at heart but we cannot “party like its 1984” and abuse ourselves the way we once did. Our bodies do not recover as quickly or completely as they once did, simply because our cellular replacement rate has slowed down.

Yes, we can ignore the warnings and literally watch ourselves decay in the bathroom mirror or we can decide to be masters of our own domain and take effective action.

I am going to commit to getting more exercise – what are you going to do?


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