Life in the Fast Lane – The need to know

fast lane master

Well not quite.

These are observations I made over many years of being in the business world. Now that I’m retired I can share them without fear of much, if any, contradiction… !!!


To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Chinese Proverb

When I was growing up, I regularly heard the phrase, “Listen to the old head”. I always thought it was some kind of self-aggrandisement. In other words, it suggests that only the old heads know what to do. I still think many people, especially the elders amongst us, use the concept to toot their own horn. However, now that I have grown older myself, I see it in a totally different light.

I believe that the old head concept relates more to their having been there, done that, seen that, and so forth. But rather than having the need to tell the world about how great they are, the old head, having trod the path, is usually more than happy to share his/her experiences with the younger generation. It’s almost like they can casually cast aside the “need to share”, on the basis that they possess the knowledge themselves and if no-one else wants to know about their experiences, then who cares. But on the other hand, if someone asks, they are pleased to talk about the journey. I am much more accepting of this notion now that I’m older.


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