Life in the Fast Lane

Well not quite.

These are observations I made over many years of being in the business world. Now that I’m retired I can share them without fear of much, if any, contradiction… !!!


Never confuse motion with progress


I absolutely love this quote.

It may even be my most favourite of all time – and I have digested thousands of them. I have used this in business hundreds of times – in fact, I probably use it every week.

The way that people are intent on making themselves look good by seeming to be doing things, yet can’t move an inch forwards, always amazes me. Of course, there’s an equal and opposite angle to this – how is it that executive management should be able to see such tactics yet do nothing about it..? How is it that they turn a blind eye to the nonsense tactics of people who want to be seen to be important and indispensable, yet those tactics are abundantly clear to everyone else in the company. Making progress in business is a skill which, I’m afraid, is in short supply. Maybe some people are just scared of doing the wrong things so they are only comfortable moving around in circles, where they believe not making a decision is better than making one, and getting it wrong.

If the world had been built by people who just wanted to “look good” rather than get on with it, we would all be living in straw huts and walking to work on our bare feet.



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