One Time Only Experiences – By Bob Lowry

Living in the moment is wise counsel that I ignore way too often. I spend copious amounts of time and energy worrying about the future or rehashing the past. The former I can’t really control and the latter is past all control. Even, so, give me 15 minutes and I will probably spend 13 of it that way.

One of the positives of an RV trip (or any type of travel that removes you from your normal routine and place) is the chance to experience something that you will never experience again. Time, place, weather, and attitude combine in a unique way. At least for me on this trip, I was in places I have never been before and not likely to ever revisit. And, for whatever reasons, I was able to simply “be” there.

One of the most pleasant of these “one-timers” was spent in a tremendous city park on the north side of Menominee, Michigan, overlooking Green Bay. On a nearly cloudless afternoon Betty and I found a wide spot along the road, complete with shade trees, a picnic table, and the perfect spot for two folding chairs.

We simply sat, read, looked at the water and the gulls, listened to the water lapping up against the rocks, and chatted about whatever entered our minds.

Because dogs aren’t allowed in the park, after a few hours we needed to go back to the RV to give Bailey some attention and the chance to do her business. But, for that small piece of a Sunday afternoon we forgot everything but what was happening at that moment. We both recognized we would never be in that spot again.

This mindfulness of the moment enriches us with priceless memories and allows us to be still, with each other and nature.

What a blessing.

By Bob Lowry

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