Flipping Retirement On its Head- Part 3 by Bill Storie

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I am travelling this week. Over in Scotland for a friend’s wedding. I am right down in what’s called the Border Country, which is the border between Scotland and England. Lovely part of the world.

Since being here, and meeting several people who are roughly in the same retired/almost retired age group, the discussion about retirement lifestyle, has cropped up many times. I’ve been interested in finding out if the transition to retirement has impacted these folks as well….. I’ve used this mini-series as the catalyst.

Guess what..?

Even though the economics are different, even though the cultures are different, even though the attitudes may be different… the fact is, that the thoughts, feelings and emotions of people here are NO different from people around the world.

If our friends in the Philippines or Malaysia or India or Canada etc are thinking that for some reason their concerns about retirement lifestyle are unique to them, let me assure them that they are not unique at all.

If Olderhood has done anything, it has unquestionably proven, time and time again, that retirement issues are universal. The messages we receive, the posts that we monitor, the surveys that we have done, the statistics that we track, all clearly prove that our message is being heard and in many cases being used as a stimulus to do things, either alone or with others. We are now seeing several Olderhood “Chapters” appearing. That is wonderful.

The old idea of retirement being a time to chill and lay back has substantially gone. Nowadays, there is so much interest in doing more and more things in retirement life.

Whether that is travelling or hobbies or part-time work. Maybe we are all seeing that people around the world are in fact doing so many things (thanks to the Internet, Facebook, etc perhaps), that we get ideas or at least inspiration from so many people. “If they are doing that, why am I sitting at home watching television..?”

In my own case, as I have discussed in this mini-series in the last couple of weeks, I really have no wish to sit and watch television. I do admit that I spend countless hours online, but more and more of my time is dedicated to Olderhood and the new venture (Ah, when was he going to get to that.”).

Running Facebook Pages is really very time consuming. We have the main Olderhood Facebook Page with about 40,000 Followers and the Olderhood International Club with some 4,600 Members now. Then I have my writing (for Olderhood) and now, building a new business. Who said retirement would cause me to worry about what to do.

Ok, so from here in Scotland, I am delighted to advise that our NEW ONLINE STORE will be coming soon.

We have responded to many, many requests for Olderhood products. But we have taken a wider angle approach and come up with a range of tremendous products of the highest quality. We are just finishing off some of the backroom logistics and will go live shortly. In the mean time … check the image at the top of the page for a glimpse of what we will be offering!

We are very excited with this development with Olderhood.

Thank you for your continued support.



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