Swan Song – The Fantastic Life of Joan Rivers

joan rivers

Like everyone, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Joan Rivers this past week. She has been an inspiration to women everywhere and espoused so many of the attributes that anyone over fifty can aspire to.

Talk about a role model. Joan did not stand up and tell other people how to be – she simply got out of bed every morning and used humor to gather a throng of admirers around her soap box. The subject matter was quite often controversial but the unspoken message was incredibly simple:

  • Look at me I get out of bed every morning and do my hair and makeup perfectly whether I am going anywhere or not …
  • I dress the best I can every day because looking great is the best revenge (she headed the E Fashion Police and encouraged fellow celebs to only use their star power for good http://www.eonline.com/shows/fashion_police)
  • I believe in anything that builds a woman’s self-esteem (she had her first plastic surgery procedure at the age of 32)
  • I believe every woman should be able to look fabulous (She designed an affordable costume jewelry line still sold on QVC http://www.qvc.com/jewelry/joan-rivers/_/N-mfluZ1z141re/c.html)
  • I work really really hard every day – no slacking off just because I am 80
  • I love being really busy
  • I laugh at tragedy … not because I am cruel … because laughter is the best medicine and it helps us break the ice and start talking about real life situations that make us uncomfortable
  • I am a deeply caring person who has compassion for others who are suffering and I put my money where my mouth is (She delivered love, laughter and meals for God’s Love We Deliver for over 25 years https://www.glwd.org/). She even endured a rocky season on the The Apprentice to bring further awareness to the organization.
  • I support my country and the people who defend it (She was a longtime supporter of the USO from the Korean war to the present day)

I could go on and on.

It is interesting that most of the YouTube clips being posted at the moment are of other celebrities talking about the last time they saw Joan, rather than what they personally admired most about Joan’s accomplishments (some even hinting that her brash racy interviews made them uncomfortable).

I guess that just goes to prove that being fearless and being willing to say anything, does make others cower in your presence even if you are a comedian; an irony that I think Joan would find a little sad, but very very funny.


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