The Uncaused Cause

love paradix

“Everything which has a beginning has a cause.” W.T. Stace

Since the beginning of time man has sought to define, understand and explain the nature of the world around him. The ancient Greeks devoted many many hours to debating the nature of the universe and postulating how the world we live in came to be.

For them it was not so much a question of whether or not there was a God (they believed in many Gods), but rather an attempt to unravel a knotted ball of string we refer to as “the universe” back before the onset of the first knot.

In comparison to the world we live in today, the Greeks had a power of thought equal to our own but they lived in a far simpler time – if anyone was going to conceptualize a clear picture of the essence of the “uncaused cause” it would have been them.

It is interesting to me that as far as civilization has advanced technologically since that time, we are really no further along in either proving or disproving the existence of an uncaused cause. Scientists claim they have proven the “Big Bang” theory, and that is progress … but what caused it?

What we cling to must still be rooted in faith; we must either “believe” that there is a God, or we must believe that there is not.

Many people will just stop reading at this point – who am I to discuss religion?

Who am I not to when people in the Middle East are so firmly committed to their beliefs that they are willing to commit acts of terror in defense of their way of life?

The ball of string has become very knotted indeed – how did the question of “How did the world begin?” … evolve into a right to bear arms over whose “God” is the one true God?

How did world religions evolve to the point that any one group can confidently point to all other groups and brand them infidels?

When are we, the people of earth, going to admit that none of us is any better than the other if not one of knows for sure how we came to be on this planet, or how this planet came to be in the first place?

What sort of a global catastrophe is going to take to cause us all to decide we have had enough of warring over religion? What would happen if we all just stopped trying to get rid of each other and started to pray for a life of peace?


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