Independence in Retirement – by Bill Storie

RH Weekly Cover

Volume 4 – Independence in Retirement

Most people, perhaps all people, seek a high level of Independence in their Retirement. This Series discusses the main elements of an independent life in retirement.

Issue #3 – Travel

When we write these articles we typically review the comments etc from our vast Olderhood audience. Apart from other published research, which is useful, we believe that our real live audience of “Oldsters” provides bedrock opinion and feelings that is totally honest, genuine and important.

So, in the research for this Series we found that while many of our Followers are single, either through divorce, death or choice, many of them, perhaps even most of them would welcome companionship.

For no better reason than to travel and share experiences with another, or others.

To many, the thought of getting on airplanes or trains, and carrying suitcases, struggling through immigration, customs, security etc would be a lot easier if they had someone to chuckle with, or moan to, or rely on.

A companion in travel is perhaps the only lifestyle event where the word Independence takes a back seat.

The joy of being with another while walking along the Champs d’Elysees, or up the Spanish Steps, or lying in a Venetian gondola can be hugely enjoyable, especially when you realize that when the trip is over he/she goes to their house and you back to yours. “Phew, it was really a great trip, but boy she gets on my nerves at times”. There is NO long-lasting commitment to have to eat breakfast together the next day.

Now, of course some people do like to travel alone and that’s perfectly fine and understandable. Some people love to go hill-climbing for example, but because they can only walk at their own pace, they sometimes feel it a chore to have run after, or wait for, a companion. And if in the evening they are so tired that they just want to eat and crash, then there’s no requirement to stay up and chat.

Travelling in a group is also another popular way to see the world. Either an organized tour or just a bunch of friends going away together. The nice thing about group travel is that you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand you have several travel companions to talk to etc, yet on the other hand there is no obligation to sit in the bar at night to keep someone company. “I’m off to bed, see you all in the morning, Goodnight”

The comments from our Followers make it clear that travel companionship however, is a very nice idea. As an example, many of them arrange pilgrimages of a religious nature and can share the excitement, in real time, with others who think like they do. It’s a nice feeling.

So, this lifestyle event can be greatly enhanced by travelling with others. If Independence is important in overall lifestyle, and you want to preserve it, then fine …. but maybe the occasional vacation trip could be arranged to share with others and the Independence “thing” is laid aside for a week or so. Try it, you might just like it.

These are just some considerations you may have about travel, and remember, your need for Independence can be reasonably expected to last for the rest of your life. You will have plenty opportunities to travel alone, or travel with friends, or both. So give long-term thought to what is best for you taking all issues into consideration.

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