Independence in Retirement – By Bill Storie

RH Weekly CoverVolume 4 – Independence in Retirement

Most people, perhaps all people, seek a high level of Independence in their Retirement. This Series discusses the main elements of an independent life in retirement.

Issue #5 – Family

The bonds of family are probably the strongest ties we have in our lives, retired or not. You just can’t stand up, and say, “That’s it, I’m off. I’m going to live in Nepal and write poetry. Bye kids.”

Oh yes, we dream about telling everyone to shove off and let us be in theses well-earned days of retirement. Maybe we don’t dream of course, maybe we just get that itch to do so every now and again. Frustrated. Angry. Deflated. Disappointed. Then the knee-jerk kicks in. Or does it…?

Living your retirement life Independent of your family is difficult, if not impossible.

It doesn’t have to be of course. You can just stake your claim to freedom and get on with it. “Nepal. Here I come.”

One of the dilemmas of retirement life is that we know that we are in the last days ……. We just don’t know how many. So, if we keep putting off that thing we always wanted to do, then year over year, the clock is ticking and we are unquestionably running out of time. Immortality is not an often-used word by retirees. “If not now, then when?”

It takes a strong person to pack up and go do that dream of a lifetime and leave family, but many have done it. Many do it every single day. Sailing around the world in a yacht for 12 months doesn’t seem too bad to be honest. At least you know that you ARE coming back and will see your family again, so it’s not Adios for Ever.

So, it’s perfectly reasonable to take time out and go off to do something that you have been wanting to do for years. Reading, writing, taking photographs, bird-watching, lying in the sun and so forth. All reasonable and achievable. The family will be there when you return.

Of course, some people decide to relocate to warmer climes for example. Again quite reasonable. It’s a little bit more permanent than three months in the Brazilian jungle certainly, but well within the bounds of fairness to family. If you haven’t moved around to the other side of the world then the chances of them visiting you, or you coming back for a visit, are very high.

It’s YOUR life and you must live it to the best of your abilities and pleasures. If your family doesn’t understand, or choose not to understand, then tough. You must be “allowed” to live your life.

Venture to say that if the family consists of just spouse and children then it might work out fine… !!!, but if family now includes the grandkids, then the separation, even for a short while, may be too much. True..? Hmm, I thought so. (try Skype !!!)

These are just some considerations you may have about being an Intrepid, Independent Adventurer, but remember, your need for Independence can be reasonably expected to last for the rest of your life, so you will have plenty opportunities to have your own “alone” time. So give long-term thought to what is best for you taking all issues into consideration.

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