Special Announcement

“New Live Television Show for Retirees to be broadcast by ZBM Bermuda”

November 14, 2014

Hamilton, Bermuda – NewAir Productions announced the commencement of a live Bermuda based television series entitled “Resetting the Wheel”. Running on ZBM Channel 9, Resetting the Wheel is a  locally-produced TV Series which will be broadcast for six episodes starting November 18th at 8 pm for 1 hour per episode.

The Series will discuss the issues and concerns of people either in retirement, or approaching retirement. Topics will include Retirement Planning, Health, Money, Pensions, Activities, etc. The retirement population is the fastest-growing segment of the community in Bermuda and around the world.

The Series will be hosted by recent retiree Bill Storie and co-hosted by Robin Trimingham, both as volunteer presenters. Each week it will feature one main topic with studio guests from the local community. The shows will also include relevant videos and segments with local people involved in various activities of interest to the older population.

Resetting the Wheel will provide information and discussion on a range of subjects in a relaxed and straightforward manner. Audience interaction both online and by telephone will be encouraged.

The approach of retirement can be a serious challenge to many people, and requires a significant change in lifestyle, activities and budgeting. Yet, the transition to retirement can be less burdensome if proper planning is in place. However, in today’s fast-paced technical world, sometimes the information needed to plan can be obscured, or confusing, to many people. Perhaps if people realise that their issues are shared by countless others then their worries can be softened.

Resetting the Wheel will create the platform, in a non-political fashion, to understand the issues of retirement, and will appeal to not just the retired population, but to the younger population who should understand the complexity of considerations and preparations for their later years.

About NewAir Productions:

NewAir Productions is a division of The Olderhood Group and specializes in the creation and development of original content for the online environment. Our global projects include websites, social clubs, newsletters, blogs, e-zine articles and video productions. We develop new ways to reach and engage target audiences around the world using social media to create product awareness, social interaction, and marketing opportunities for our clients.

Media Contact:

Bill Storie, The International Centre 26 Bermudiana Road Suite 406, Hamilton 524-2656 wrsl@ibl.bm


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