Real Food On a Budget by Mommypotamus

From time to time we post a link to an article that is simply too good not to share: “Real Food on a Budget” by Mommypotamus is a case in point:

“Take A Hyperventilating Walrus . . .

Some dingy fluorescent lights, and a pair of stilts and you’ve pretty much got my best copycat impression of the Cici’s Pizza greeter that welcomed us to pizza binge delirium. As we walked down the condiment aisle of the local grocery store, I bellowed, “Welcome to Cici’s! Thank you for coming!” I did it again as we passed the Heinz ketchup, strolled by the meats gassed with carbon dioxide, and one more time as we arrived to our final destination: the cookie dough aisle.

Real food on a budget?

Real Food On A Budget - 25 Ways To Make Healthy Eating AffordableIt was Friday night, and all we “needed” before heading home from our pizza fest was a sausage-shaped tube of enriched wheat flour, sugar, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil . . . aka Pillsbury’s chocolate chip cookies.

Back then, I thought the cost of convenience was nothing more than pennies, which I was more than happy to push bit by bit into the automatic checkout machine while Daddypotamus counted floor tiles. It wasn’t until about a year later – when I found my health wrecked and my body too weak to risk a pregnancy – that I realized the real cost of food. …” click here to read the rest of the article

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