Time to Come Clean by Bob Lowry


By Bob Lowry

I am bored and feeling stale.Considering my posts for the last several years that is a sentence you probably didn’t expect to read on this blog. I preach the importance of staying active and involved, in trying new things, discovering new passions, and making the most of the amazing freedom that retirement provides.Up until rather recently that would have been accurate for me. But, not right now. I figured I owed you an honest look at a satisfying retirement that occasionally finds itself down a dead end street. My life has been quite blessed, but it is not a fairy tale or a movie with a perpetually happy ending.I am feeling unhappy with where I live, how I live, and what I am doing with my time. As I quickly told Betty when I mentioned my funk to her, it has absolutely nothing to do with our relationship. That remains as solid as can be; I am very much in love with my wife and family.

No, my dissatisfaction is strictly with me and my lifestyle at the moment. There has been no precipitating event or action. There wasn’t a switch that was suddenly thrown and I woke up living a unsatisfying retirement. It is just a feeling that has been building for at least a month.

I am spending too much time reading. I take too many naps during the day. I watch too much Netflix at night to fill the time until bedtime. I realize these are some classic early warning signs of clinical depression, but that isn’t it. I am not depressed, I am just without a focus, a spark, or something that really excites me. And, I don’t seem to know where to turn to ignite the fire.

An example? I am planning all of our itinerary for our RV trip in July – not because it really has to all happen 7 months ahead of time, but because it gives me something to do. That isn’t good.

So, what am I going to do about all this? I haven’t a clue. I am stuck in neutral with no clear route forward. I have no doubt I will figure things out. At some point something will click and I will have a full plate again.

But, for now, not so much.

By Bob Lowry

3 responses to “Time to Come Clean by Bob Lowry

  1. If you weren’t someone who blogs about retirement lifestyle, I’d hit you up to become a client of Second Wind Leisure, my consulting business, which is under development at the moment 🙂 I have had unmotivated New Year’s Days where I felt like you did. I made a list of all my activities and accomplishments the previous year which made me feel better, then I went to the gym. I just retired so I’m still in the serious honeymoon phase. Cheers to getting out of the funk!!

  2. i have a feeling this phase is quite common amongst the retired. how to fill the vast amount of time that a retired person have when work is no more. and for people who have a strong work ethic or like to be kept busy this enforced idleness is grating. that is why so many retired people take up gardening. it has routine, but with the 4 seasons, there is variety too and it can keep you very busy alright! but it is not for everyone.

  3. I also get into a funk every winter. I have considered doing some volunteering, taking a night school course and joining a local seniors club to get out of the house and meet some new people.

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