Doing it Old School

Heart on keyboard

About an hour ago I started trying to write an article to post on the blog. The article was “supposed” to be about self-reliance (or possibly independence – sometimes I am not sure myself exactly how an article is going to turn out until I have gotten it written).

Anyway … there I was all snuggled up on the bed with my dog and my laptop ready to write and suddenly all hell broke loose. My computer touch pad would not work, my curser was jumping all over the screen, and sub menu boxes that I had not asked for were flashing all over the place.

Great – a virus. Now what?

I run a virus scan. Nothing.

I run a more aggressive “super scrubbing” scan. Nothing … nothing … still nothing …

Oh wait …

Houston we have found a something … we don’t know enough about it to be sure if it is a threat or not … but we have removed it anyway … just to be safe (the software seriously says stuff like this)…

Gee – thanks I think.

By the way … we “resolved” all your cookies for you while we were at it. No extra charge … it’s all part of the service.

Um … was that really necessary?

Nasty scary unapproved things those cookies are … we do not approve of cookies.

But … isn’t my banking password a cookie?


And my email access password?

Too risky.

What about my blog access?

Collateral damage … but we did napalm that suspicious file – see we’ve got it in quarantine.

Can I see what that was?

Sorry no – too risky.

All righty then. Let me get this straight. You eliminated my access to everything, and my curser is still doing it’s own thing?

Not my department.

… So then I had a brain wave … maybe it was just the touchscreen itself that was messed up.

Maybe if I went and sat up straight in my chair at my desk and used my mouse the way I am supposed to … the darn thing would work.

Guess what?


I don’t know about you, but I miss pencils.


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