My $42 bottle of shampoo by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

I was recently on a business trip out of Bermuda to let’s just say North America. I usually just have a walk-on bag and a briefcase. This time, because I knew I had spare time on arrival, I decided to check my bag. Therefore, instead of having to find those small containers of shampoo, shaving cream, etc I realized I could pack my usual stuff. Cool.

Hmm, not so fast.

At check-in I am advised that the FIRST bag is now charged at $21. No, not bag #2 and subsequent, but the very first one. Dilemma. Ditch the shampoo and walk on with it, or pay $21 and let it go through. I chose to check it. Then I remembered that I would have to do the same coming back home. Being Scottish, ditching a brand new bottle of shampoo is beyond my heritage limits, so I left it in my bag.

Thus, it cost me $42 to be allowed to carry my own shampoo for a 2 day trip.

I was not a happy flyer let me assure you. I was told that every airline does that nowadays. Not true by the way, but it’s not easy to hand over a spreadsheet of statistical data while standing in an airport.

Rant over you ask. Nope. There’s more.

So, I get back to the overseas airport to check in early morning. I think that a cup of coffee would be nice. Think again mate. The line for a wee-known coffee chain has over 80 people dutifully standing in line to be served. I kid you not, over 80… !!!

Now I do like a cup of coffee in the morning, but there is no way I would stand behind 80 people and wait 20 minutes or more to get one. Desperation. Obsession. Addiction. All words that come to mind. Are these people that desperate that they think this is acceptable…? I guess so.

No coffee alas.

Then I try to find somewhere to sit. Yup, here comes another rant.

Every seat, and yes I do mean EVERY seat, is at a bar-looking thing with iPads at each seat. The most uncomfortable contraption you’ve ever sat on. High-tech you say. High-tech my a** I say.

What on earth are they thinking about…?

Trying to show us how 21st century they are I guess. What a mess. Everyone was complaining, but their noise was not being heard by the management of the airport. Too busy patting themselves on the back, or accepting design awards, to even ask their customers (yes, remember us, your customers) what we want.

I did send an online complaint form to the airport management company. When they get back from the Oscars, no doubt they’ll reply and offer me compensation………….. a comfy seat and a cup of coffee, the next time I use their facilities.

Still in all fairness I shouldn’t get too upset. My hair is uber-clean and shiny. Mind you, at $42 a pop, it couldn’t be anything else, now could it…?

By Bill Storie

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