When will I grow up? By Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

When will I grow up?

I often ask myself that question. I often wonder if the thoughts of my childhood will ever disappear and I’ll have grown-up thoughts. How I thought about some things back then (yes, I know, WAY back then) still seems to be the way I think about most things.

I suppose I have had experiences and ups and down which have influenced me along the way. I’m fine with that. But I still eat when I’m hungry ; sleep when I’m tired ; brush my teeth when they need it, even though it takes less time nowadays !! ; do personal stuff when I need to (more often these days !) ; and so forth.

They say that as you grow older, you tend to regain some of the habits that you had when you were young. I think that’s true.

I’m a strong believer in the things that were built into your DNA when you arrived in the world, and especially in the first few years of childhood – the formative years – remain with you forever. I liked ice cream as a 2 year-old for example – guess what ??

However, I’m often asked if my retirement years are any different to what I expected, or even wanted.

Well, I am now about 18 months into this retirement gig and I’m not sure that I’ve got it all worked out yet. I’m not sure that I have fully established what my schedule is yet. I’m not even sure I have a schedule. To be honest, I’m not sure I even care whether I have one or not.

I realise that what had been my working life schedule of 5 days work, then 2 days off, is now much closer to 7 days all in the one stretch. Some days I don’t even know what day it is. Even the notion that “Great, it’s Friday” no longer appeals to me. Does it matter..? Nope. So no anxiety on that one.

Even waking up in the morning is another one of those “No big deal” events. I admit that when I was working, sometimes I’d wake up, and say, “Do I have to ?”. Some days I would obviously wake up excited about getting started (especially when there was a big football game on that day !!). Nowadays I just think of a nice cup of hot coffee and I’m off and running (OK, slow walking !!!!).

So this retirement thing really is great fun.

I don’t have a watch (never did have one actually). So the idea of clock-watching is so much less stressful these days. I have no guilt feelings about taking a sneak peak at someone else’s watch. When I was 2 or 3 years old I suspect I didn’t care about what time it was, so nothing’s changed on that one.

I think I’ll think more about what changes I have discovered in these days of my retirement, and if you want to know about them, I think I might even write about them and share them with you. Too much thinking methinks. But with your encouragement I am willing to try. So if you like the idea, give me a “O” and then a “K”…. !!!!

But for the time being, I asked the question at the top (OK I’ll say it again to save you scrolling back up !!!) ………. “When will I grow up ..?”

The answer is “NEVER” (and I love that !!!!!!!!!!!)

By Bill Storie

2 responses to “When will I grow up? By Bill Storie

  1. Oh Uncle Bill, my dad would be so proud! And prob. with you having the same thoughts! I can just remember the mischief you two got up to when I was little… lol! I hope I have as much fun when I am your age!

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