Is it just me, or are we getting smarter as we grow old? By Bill Storie


No, I’m not being ego-whatever the word is. I’m speaking with straight tongue. Stuff, which in years past, I used to have to explain in words and hand motions, now just seem to come naturally to me. A gift you say. Nah.

It’s called “been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt, sent the postcards, then went to sleep.”

I think it’s just a feature of this age thing. It’s probably called intuition or instinct or some other confusing word. I feel that when I am in discussion with some kid (i.e. up to age 55 !!), I just want to say, “For goodness sake mate, you’re wrong. Simple as that. I’m not going to explain it to you because you won’t understand. Take my word for it.”

They won’t take my word, we all know that of course. But it is mildly gratifying that I DO know that they are wrong and even though the message will never get through, I can at least wander away chuckling to myself, saying “Kids, these days.”

I remember years ago I was in a car with a husband and wife. He was a maniac driver. I said, “You need to slow down chum. I bet the traffic police are about.” “Nah”, he said, “I’m ok” We turned the very next corner and, well you know the rest. He barely avoided jail due to a prior record and sheer obstinacy.

Are we visionaries? For goodness sake, no. Not at all. Do we have crystal balls? I’ll leave that one alone.

I happen to think that somewhere in the back of our minds, probably from some far distant event that we recall from the sub-conscious level, things that happened a long time ago. Then they come rushing back into sight, or mind-view or even smell, or taste. Yeah “taste”.

“If you do “This”, then “That” will happen”. Premonition maybe. Good guess maybe. Sheer luck even. Nope, none of the above. Usually it’s because you made the same mistake yourself decades ago.

Falling off a bicycle when you were five does jolt the brain to avoid doing it ever again. The very first time I ever rode a bike, I couldn’t stop. I just kept going round and around the streets where I lived with my parents. I can’t recall if the brakes didn’t work (if it had any) or whether I didn’t know how to pull them, but endlessly I rode. Then I fell off. Yup, fell. Ask me how many times I’ve been on a bike since.

So, to the youth of today I say this ….. don’t ever doubt that us Oldsters have good memories. I can easily remember what I did 50 years ago (I can’t remember what I had for breakfast mind you !!).

So when we give you advice, then we speak not from being smart, but from memories of times past. We are trying to help you avoid making the same mistake that we perhaps made long before anyway thought about bringing you into the world. We are trying to suggest better ways of doing things. We are really trying to be nice to you. We’re not being smart, we’re being helpful.

Now, on the other hand, if you DO think we’re just old and grumpy and acting like smartasses, then “sod off” we really don’t care… !!!!

One day you too will be old ….. and smart.

Then again, maybe not !!!!!

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