Battling Your Blockages


During the last couple of years we have done a lot of talking about looking forward to retirement, and leading an active retirement life, but we have not talked very much about what to do if you are “blocked”.

Most people don’t face this retirement problem right away; they are just so delighted to roll over and go back to sleep when the faithful alarm clock goes off, or go golfing, or gardening or whatever it is they have been dreaming of doing for the last five years of their career that thoughts of boredom and confinement just don’t enter their head.

But sooner or later the delightful sameness of ones selected new found passion can become irritating; or the much coveted grandchildren are not miraculously produced on schedule, or horrors of air travel make the idea of seeing the world much less appealing than it used to be.

Suddenly you are barking at your spouse over what time dinner is being served and dragging the dog out for three walks a day. You start noticing little flaws in everyone around you and there’s nothing to watch on television …

Sounding a bit familiar?

Great – so now what do you do?

Simple – face the realization that the only one in your life who needs fixing is you.

Yes, I know this seems impossible but trust me … you need a change. The problem is you are blocking yourself from seeing this let alone doing anything about it. And here’s the best part (you are very good at convincing yourself that this is not true).

“Nonsense! Rubbish! Oh for God’s Sake!” … if you just heard yourself think something similar then you have just heard from your “sensor”; otherwise known as the part  of yourself that addresses anything new with fear, suspicion or disgust.

So what does this mean? It means that in order to try something new you are going to have to literally get over yourself and make some changes to your routine in spite of yourself.

Be prepared – just getting out the door the first time might be a battle – you will lose your keys or have a headache or think it looks like rain.

Whatever you do don’t change your plan. No matter how hopeless the situation seems tell yourself to go anyway and that you can pass judgment on the activity afterwards.

This is the magic get out of jail free card for all blocked creative ideas because you are essentially making a bargain with yourself that you will only run down ideas that have been tried and failed.

The upside of this is that at least you will get to try a few new things, some of which might even be enjoyable; and as for the ones that don’t exactly turn out as expected … at least you will be judging an experience based on fact not fear of what it might be like.


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