How many times have you regretted not doing something? By Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Quite a few I suggest. The secret though is to not let them wear you down. What’s done, is done. What’s in the past, is in the past.

Probably most of your “think-backs” relate one way or another to money – or the lack thereof – due to not doing something. Taking a job that you should have. Moved to a new city when you could have. Bought that property which has now quadrupled in value. Invested in Microsoft when Bill Gates was still living in his garage !!!

Perhaps even a lost love is also in that bracket of regrets as well. Or not having gone to college, or not having gone back to college. Or gone to college when you should have just started working.

You are far from being alone on that kind of stuff. The vast majority of your friends have had exactly the same experiences in one way or another. Whether they own up and admit they screwed up 20 or 30 or 40 years ago is a moot point, but believe me, they DID make mistakes which they regret. There are NO exceptions. We’re all different. Yet in so many ways we’re all the same.

The specifics are varied but the realization that had you done this, or that, back then, could have changed your life forever. “If only I could turn the clock back”. Yeah, if only. You can’t.

So what can you do about those regrets nowadays? Probably not much.

You could go back to college perhaps. But the thought of being with immature kids all day is a deal-breaker. Your patience would wear out in days, not weeks, and certainly not months. So, forget it. By all means go to college and do senior’s classes or something. That would be fun. But you have no need to be a “Bachelor of Stress” or the like. Move on.

It might also be too late to restructure your money-making ventures. People don’t want to employ Oldsters like us. Sad, but true I’m afraid.

On the other hand, you could start your own new business. Now that’s an idea. Don’t invest too heavily in anything because if it goes South, you won’t have an alternative source of income to recover. But something small and steady and cash-driven, might be good.

Looking backwards is fine, but it can be easily done by looking in the rear mirror rather than turning around to look. Keep your eyes mainly on looking forward. So much more sensible … and safe.

Your life today is far too important to be living in the past, far less dreaming in the past. Make plans today for tomorrow. Don’t make yourself miserable by playing the “If only” game – you’ll lose.

It’s true that sometimes we realise that we let the “chance of a lifetime” slip by. And maybe it would have had a serious impact on our lives, simply because we didn’t take the plunge. However, don’t be too upset. In fact, push it out of your mind and concentrate on things you CAN change. Being “old” does NOT mean you can’t do “new” things.

The rest of your life starts tomorrow – get on with it.

By Bill Storie

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