Olderhood Surpasses 50,000 Fans


The Olderhood Facebook Page this week reached a major industry milestone – we have just surpassed 50,000 Fans around the world. According to the independent Karma Reports, Olderhood is viewed in over 60 countries and in 2014 achieved 6.7 million Post Views.

Achievements This all started with our Olderhood Blog, where we have hundreds of excellent articles and links about retirement, retirement issues and retirement planning. Over and above the Olderhood 50,000, our Olderhood International Club (“OIC”) has a further worldwide membership (free) of almost 6,000. OIC is an online forum where Members can meet and exchange views and opinions about retirement and retirement planning. OIC also holds in-person events and is launching a philanthropic programme to serve local communities. The Olderhood Channel on You Tube also delivers Podcasts and Video-casts produced and recorded by the Olderhood Team. Over this past year, they have reached over Two hundred thousand viewers. The development of Olderhood has also created our television series “Resetting the Wheel“, in conjunction with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company. This weekly Series features critical issues facing the Seniors Community.

Acknowledgments Our thanks must go to the many volunteer writers, contributors, critics, supporters and friends, who have provided content, commentary and advice, to develop and improve Olderhood. Here in Bermuda, in the UK and US, in Canada, in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Hundreds of man hours have been given freely and willingly …….. we say thank you. Thank you to the folks at Bermuda Broadcasting for giving us the opportunity to share our Message, and for seeing the Vision with us. Special mention goes to Olderhood Co-Founder, Robin Trimingham, whose focus and dedication to the Olderhood “Mission” has been fundamental to our success – her creativity, technology skills and writing, are recognised.

To go Fast, Go Alone ~ To go Far, Go Together.

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