The end of the beginning

boat-on-the-rocks“Now this is not the end.

It is not even the beginning of the end.

But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill

 This past week I faced an unexpected business challenge when a project that I have been heavily involved in suddenly hit turbulence and fell into a tailspin. Fortunately this is not my first crash landing and at the moment I am sitting safely in a lifeboat (metaphorically speaking) thinking things over and figuring out my next move.

As I sit drifting with the tide, it has occurred to me just how like my current predicament is to some people’s retirement plan… one day you are gliding along with your head in the clouds basking in the sun … and then wham… without warning you hit an air pocket and drop 20,000 feet.

You have no memory of the impact, but you wake up dazed and slightly confused the next morning and although the sun is still shining, the little craft you affectionately called “your job” is gone.

There are bits of wreckage floating around you; boxes of files, a few photos and an upright coffee mug bobbing with the tide, and although you have slept you are more tired than you have been in years. You know you are ok, but you have a fuzzy feeling that something is wrong … if you could just remember what it was …

And then it hits you – things will never be the same again.

So what do you do?

Keep calm and go back to bed in the hopes that this retirement thing is a sort of flu you can sleep off? Panic? Get angry? Sulk?

Stop caring and party like your life is over? Hmmm … this one has possibilities because if you are lucky it might be over – your old life that is.

Think about it – in this universe whenever one door closes, another door opens. All that has happened is that you won’t be doing the same thing day in day out, with the same people over and over again. Instead you have arrived at the land of everything new (or at least you will be there when you figure out how to paddle ashore).

So while I sit here and figure out how to attract some expert help by sending up a flare, give some thought to embracing this retirement idea. If you could wake up and start over, what would you do?

Would you get a dog? Learn a foreign language? Rehab furniture? Move to India? Even with a small income you can do big things, you just need to use your imagination and then make a plan with small manageable steps.

And if you think of something really cool to do – send us a message on Facebook because life really is a journey and there is nothing more exciting than embarking on a new one.


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