As we get older By Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

As we get older, is there a time in our lives when we just can’t be bothered to “do politics” anymore?

I think so.

Don’t you just get bored, or fed up, or downright angry with people who arrived off the boat yesterday, but have all the knowledge and experience to tell us what we want to do, or how we should feel, or what we should think. Go away I say.

I once wanted to be a politician. I was actually very close. I knew the right people in the Conservative Party in the UK, especially in Scotland. I had their ear as they say. I maybe didn’t have their brain I grant you, but I did have friends in high places. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No seriously I did have connections.

I once was at a party rally thing on a Saturday morning in a town called Stirling (where I was born in fact – if you’re at all interested). The speaker was the Chairman of the Party in London. I was 14. At question time I stood up, much to my parent’s horror, in front of 700 people and asked him a question. He answered and thought I was “brave”. I still chuckle at that, but there we are (or were).

After the rally this woman who was maybe 25 years old, came dashing up to me to persuade me to join the Young Conservatives. I didn’t like her. She was too gushy for me. Yuk. I never joined.

Had it not been for the Gushy Princess I might be writing this today from the Westminster Parliament in London. She has much to answer for methinks.

I often wonder though what kind of politician I would have made.

I have a very low tolerance of fools, so that was Strike #1 against me. I hate to be shouted down by other people – Strike #2. I don’t have much time for people who won’t work – Strike #3..…

Ok, so that was it. Maybe I wouldn’t have made a good politician after all.

So, to say I speak from experience about politics would be wrong.

However I have always maintained an inquisitive nature about political stuff. I applaud politicians who can honestly stand up and spout rubbish, yet still believe every word they utter. Well done folks.

Politics is cyclical. We need the Right Wing to generate money for the public purse, then we chuck them out for being too arrogant, then vote in the Left Wing to spend it. Quite clever we are really.

How many times have we seen the demise of some buffoon who gets voted out and cast to the wilderness? He leaves the public’s view with much relief from all of us. “Wow, we’ll never see him again, thankfully.” Then lo and behold 3 or 4 years later, guess who shows up. Sometimes with new colours and maybe even a new message. You can’t keep a good man down, they say. Well, not for long.

But seriously, as we get to this age, do we care that much?

I think in many respects we do.

I certainly believe that because we are now unemployed in retirement, and that we have no new source of income, apart from pensions and investment income, we are deeply concerned that if the economy gets any worse, then we will have no alternative means of re-filling the barrel. That is a concern. And to the extent that politicians, probably who are much younger, don’t appreciate that …

…  we MUST remind them that we DO still have a vote…. !!!!!

By Bill Storie

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