Movies to remember by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Movies to Remember

Well for me anyway. Chances are that the ones I remember you may do so as well, but only by name and only in the passing. I’m talking about movies I have watched and watched and watched and still see something new each time.

Ok, so here goes.

The Birds (1963)

I suspect I may have gone to see it in my local cinema when I was maybe 17, only because I thought it was about girls. In the UK, girls are referred to as “Birds” or in Scotland, “Burds”. Alas it wasn’t about girls, but those things with wings that fly.

I got a free ticket to the local cinema and went on my own. It was a cold, winter’s night and I walked about 2 miles to get there. When I saw the main lady actor Tippi Hedren if I recall- a lovely blonde girl I thought things were looking up !!. Wouldn’t last ;((. She was attacked by hundreds of birds. Remember it now? Scary movie.

Then to finish it off and I swear this is true, I came out the cinema and there were hundreds (I kid you not) of blackbirds sitting on the telephone poles and wires right outside the cinema. The 2 miles home were covered in Usain Bolt time !!

The Guns of Navarone (1961)

War movie. Brilliant. David Niven etc. The guns protected a passage way in the Aegean Sea in Greece/ At the other side of the channel there was an island called Kheros which at the time housed about 1,200 British soldiers, marooned with no way out. Ships had to get through to rescue them. The guns (German) were massive!!! One Boom and you were Bust.

I loved this movie for 2 reasons. First, I had been given the book of the same name as a prize at Primary School (smart guy, huh !!) and I read it vigorously. Secondly, a friend of my Dad’s claimed that he was one of the 1,200 marooned. I was never sure that the story was real or not, and certainly never found out that if it was real, whether he was on it. I cared not. To a young lad it was exciting. I’ve only watched it 50 or so times.

South Pacific (1958)

I went with mu mum to see this. My Dad thought it soppy so refused to go. It was on the big screen as it was called in those days…”Cinemascope” if I recall. The pictures and the colours were simply magnificent. It was (again !!) about the Second World War, but was more happy than sad. The songs were good too. Do you remember “Happy Talk” and “Some Enchanted Evening”? Great movie.

Zulu (1964)

Michael Caine. South Africa. Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Yeah, I know another fisticuffs one… but growing up as a wee boy in those days, the need to watch stuff like The Graduate for example didn’t occur to me (or most of my pals). We all wanted to be in the action ourselves. This was a movie (true story) of grit and determination when the odds were so heavily stacked against the British troops. Heroes I would say. Of course, in today’s politically correct world, such antics would never be spoken about. Silly. The truth can be told.

A troubled childhood you think?.. not really. That was what we watched back then. I still watch them !!!

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