Don’t Discount Seniors by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Well, let me re-phrase that. Don’t stop giving us Seniors a discount. That’s better.

I have to say that I like the idea of paying less because I’m a Senior now. The fact that I’m Scottish is of course completely irrelevant to the issue !!!! Double whammy. A Scottish Senior !!!!

Mind you, I do have to say that I’ve never really understood why age has anything to do with ability to pay. If I was being charged an arm and a leg for a bus ticket when I was one day shy of being 65, how come the very next day I get a discount? Don’t answer that. I’ll just accept it.

I’m told that I can get discounts all over the place for things I’ve never bought in my life. Nice idea, but not too practical.

I typically use the same hotel chain for travel purposes – worldwide group. Good people. I am a member of their club thingy. I go online using the normal booking process to check the price. Then I remember to check the senior discount, obviously assuming that it is cheaper. Wrong !! Not once has the price been cheaper. Oh yes the figure is lower, but the room quality is much less than what I wanted.

Why can’t I get the room I want at a discount?

Airfares. Ah there’s another one. “Yes we offer senior discounts and proud to help those who fought for us blah, blah.” Yeah, but hold on. The price they offer is always on the most awkward flight at the most awkward time with 2 stops, not direct. Huh ????

Why can’t I just fly like normal people, only cheaper?

Restaurants. Another fix. “Enjoy our Seniors Special – all you can eat”. Yeah but ……do I have to eat my evening meal at 3.30 pm? Stop it. Behave yourselves.

Car Hire. A Doozy. “We give discounts for car hire if you are over 65”. Fantastic. Sign me up. “Sign here Sir. Of course you understand that because you are over 65 the insurance premium is twice as much.” What !!! You’re joking right.

Sports events. Just because I paid you less doesn’t mean you can play badly.

Ok, enough frivolity.

Fair enough. I am grateful to those who do recognize my contribution to society. Thank you. I didn’t fight in any wars or run the marathon at the Olympics. I didn’t even contribute much to tag days. Sorry about that. I actually didn’t paint any bus shelters either. But, I once helped an old lady across the street though – does that count?

I’d like to be able to say that I don’t look my age, but in all honesty, I can’t say that. Well, I could say it, but it probably isn’t true and I’m certain that over and above my Seniors Card, you’ll ask for my driving licence as well. I can live with that. At this age I can live with most things…. mainly because I can’t change many, if any.

But if I can squeeze my pension out more and if I can still get some good quality of life, then your discount offers are well received. Could I maybe get 20% discount on prescriptions though, or eye glasses, or gas at the pumps…? No. Oh ok. I tried.

You’ll be a senior one day yourself, so don’t stop discounting.!

By Bill Storie


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