Dog Wisdom

sunny asleep 1

Something happened at work today that really upset me. It is not so much the thing itself, but my response to it that has me so worked up.

It doesn’t really matter what happened, what bothers me is how tempted I am to just toss aside everything I have worked for on the rare occasions that things do not go my way.

This frustrates me no end because I have worked very hard to become wise and calm and objective – most of the time I am. But then, I round a corner and I get blindsided by someone I have worked very hard to build a productive relationship with and I take it very personally.

It makes me wonder – is it ever possible to achieve a full state of enlightenment? Is anyone in this world (even a monk) ever truly perfect?

I have to say I have my doubts. It is moments like this when I truly think my little dog is smarter than I am. You should see him right now – I am sitting here scowling into my laptop and what is he doing? He is standing in the doorway with an orange tennis ball in his mouth and a quizzical expression that clearly says “wouldn’t you rather just come play with me instead?”

And you know what? I honestly would rather just roll in the grass with him most of the time. Dogs have such a straightforward view of things:

If you are tired – sleep anywhere (there is no bad location for a good nap)

If you are unhappy – bark till someone attends to you (persistence pays)

If you are hungry – find something to eat (a nice tasty shoe will do in a pinch)

If you want attention – crawl into your Mom’s lap and curl up in a little ball (cuteness conquers all)

If someone makes you uncomfortable – sniff their shorts suspiciously (works every time)

If someone ignores you – wait until they go out and then sleep on their bed pillow (yikes!)

Simple really when you think about it.

Anyway thinking about my dog’s antics may not have solved my work problem but it certainly has put me in a better mood. I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere … now if I only had a good shoe to chew on …



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