The Value Proposition by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

I often read about old folks (yes me included !!) saying that they are not appreciated now that they are old. “Nobody listens. Nobody cares. I have no value… !!!”

Nonsense I say. Nonsense.

Of course you do. Ok, so maybe not too many people will pay your value to you. But that does NOT mean that when you turned 65 (or whatever age you retired) that you became dumb overnight. Not so. Mind you some of these “buyers” would give you the impression that you did lose 8 Billion brain cells overnight. Age discrimination methinks.

You do have value.

Value to yourself to begin with. This is by far the most valuable value you possess. Never let it be taken away from you. You are worth every penny.

Value to your family. Hmmm. Sometimes you wonder don’t you? If you’re the babysitter then you have great value. If you’re the grumpy dude in the corner holding the remote, then maybe not so.

Value to your friends. Probably. At least to the extent that you can share your health issues with them and they realise that you’re in worse shape than they are. Of course the vice versa is a bonus as well !!

Value to your neighbours. Maybe. Only if you have jumper leads, or keep a spare key for their house, or are prepared to cut down the trees at your side of the fence. Other than that…. Nah !!

Value to society at large. Not a chance. They don’t care who you are anymore. “Oh yeah, he’s the old dude that complains that the coffee isn’t hot.” Forget it.

The trick here is that you must do what pleases you and what gives you self-worth. Don’t worry if the family thinks that you are nuts … if it is what you want to do, just do it (thank you Nike).

You have no judges or critics or observers to worry about any more.

“Look mate if you don’t pay me, you don’t own me, so sod off”

It’s a great feeling to be self-sufficient when it comes to emotions and feelings. You can create all of them yourself. Go ask some young kid (up to age 55 !!) if they would love to have that attitude.. they will tell you clearly that they would love it. They would love to be answerable to themselves alone. No boss, no committees, no critics, no-one. “Bring it on” they say.

Isn’t it invigorating to open your eyes in the morning and think about who you must see that day, how you must dress, what you must prepare, when you must leave the house, how you must get there and so forth………? …..Hmm……… but isn’t it far better to open your eyes and think about NONE of that ?

Ask anyone who is working if they would trade you. Go on, I dare you.

Live with YOUR body, YOUR mind, YOUR habits, YOUR standards, and YOUR values. This is not a rehearsal of life. This IS Life. This is YOUR Life. And while you may still have reservations about being an oddball if that’s what you fancy, the fact is that you must live your life as you want to live it – not to the standards or expectations or demands of other people.. ANY other people. This is YOUR time… you will simply not get another chance.

So you see, the Value Proposition is not about what value other people place on you. Not at all.

It is all about the value you place on yourself.

MY value to MYself.

By Bill Storie


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