My first idea for your new life


I funny thing happened on the way to the forum …

I was on an airplane recently and found myself watching a movie I would never have chosen under normal circumstances to help pass the time. I am not a movie snob, I just have very specific tastes when it comes to films and because it was labeled a comedy, I never would have considered it.

But there I was with two hours to kill and it happened to be the only thing showing in economy class; and since my iPad battery was down to about 6%, I plugged my earbuds into the armrest and settled back, happy for the distraction but not expecting much.

I will play fair and not tell you what film it was but I will tell you that somehow I was transported from watching talking statues to a place in my mind where I was recalling lost friends and the next thing I knew I was fighting back the tears.

Yup … sitting in the window seat on a very crowded flight blubbering like a kid because it suddenly all became very clear. This life – this quest is not about fame or fortune or blogging or television or popularity; it is about friendship, and helping all of my friends to have a better life.

It is about helping everyone I have ever met, and everyone I have yet to meet. I am not special, I am just someone with very simple needs who has figured out how to enjoy the second half of my life, and now my only task is to help everyone I can to do the same and take care of my friends the best that I can.

Because without true friends what is there?


I know about emptiness – it is a cruel paradox that the great creator (whichever one you believe in) filled the world with millions of people and yet many of us still feel desperately alone.

Why is that?

Everyone has someone in their life who needs a friend or would be a great friend. We all just need to stop being so self-absorbed and think of those around us. It really is that simple.

If you are reading this and need a friend – you can be one of mine but be forewarned; have taken my picture off Facebook. Who cares how old I am or what I look like?  Those things have nothing to do with friendship.

But if you need a kind word and some new things to think about, follow this blog and make the journey with me my friend.

I can’t promise that every day will be perfect (there will still be laundry to do and stubbed toes and increment weather to contend with) – but we will go places together and stretch ourselves to think in new ways. In short we will learn to appreciate what we have and get better at helping each other – and that can only be a good thing don’t you agree?



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