Facebook – the Fun and the Fury by Bill Storie

facebook 1

By Bill Storie

Part 1

I’m told that Facebook is the biggest show on earth.

They tell me that had it been around a couple thousand years ago, that it would have warranted 3 or maybe even 4 Books of the Bible… probably the New Testament, starting with “Mark”. Wow.

There never has been any social mechanism which connects over one thousand million people (I think that’s a Billion, but I lose count these days after 25 !!)

So the word “phenomena” probably doesn’t do it justice. So we should find a new word…. any ideas?

I’ll ask a couple hundred million of my closest Friends on Facebook for their thoughts. Be right back.

What makes it different or special or unique or confusing or brilliant or any of the afore-mentioned.? There is no answer. Well no single answer. It is just one of those things in life that we really don’t understand and probably don’t want to, or need to, but we just use it ….. and then go to bed. And if like me, you get up at 4 am from that bed and check what’s going on in my Pages on Facebook. Weird huh…!!

I remember reading an article in Forbes or Fortune (can’t remember) around 1990, that we were entering the Information Age. I thought it a funny phrase. I read the article and frankly wasn’t much more enlightened. It was kinda geeky if I recall. That’s being unfair to the author I admit, but the whole notion seemed “out there”. I was younger then, so who knows it might have been beyond my intellect.

Mind you, how come I remember the article?

Ah-ha. Well because its radical approach and facts, etc was intriguing, I imagine. So, well done author, you made it stick for me. I’ve never looked back as they say. Yet it took another 5 years before I too entered the Information Age. 1995 to be precise. In fact I opened one of the first commercial websites in this my adopted country.

I also recall Bill Gates (who?) about that time saying that the Internet wouldn’t catch on. What !!! Yup, I do recall that. Don’t deny it Bill, you said that (he reads Olderhood btw). See how I slipped in that wee acronym “btw” … by the way. I’ve got this geek-speek down to a fine art.

But I digress.

Back to Facebook.

I started my Facebook career about 6 years ago I think. I created my own personal Page and filled it with junk. Not intentionally I hasten to add, but I discovered that I had led a fairly mundane life up to that point and really had no wonderful things to tell people about myself.

I had no pictures of me sky-diving over the Grand Canyon for example. Not because I hadn’t done it of course – just that I forgot to take my camera that day. I had no pictures of me playing football for Scotland. Not because I hadn’t done it you understand – just that the photographers were at the other end of the field whenever I touched the ball. Sad really.

But I soon discovered that Facebook could be fun. I found Friends I never knew existed (well, they found me truth to be told). It never clicked with me that some people just wanted to be my Friend not because they wanted to be my Friend, but because they could tell their Friends that they had more Friends than they had. I was a mere statistic. How sad.

But I persevered, and very soon I had 8 Friends (cool, huh), 4 of whom were relatives (I have more relatives than that but they didn’t want to be my Friend it seems !!). Sad you say. Nonetheless I was on a roll. I really, really, really wanted #9……….but it took months.

“What’s the Fun in this..?” I would say to my 8 Friends.

But eventually I did find the Fun of Facebook.

Next week I’ll tell you some of the Fun stuff, then after that I’ll share some of the Fury stuff. By then I’ll have been chucked out no doubt, and my 200 Million Friends (yes I have gone up in the world from those early, traumatic days of my Facebook Childhood) will be sad.

But, put on a smiling Face (book)

By Bill Storie

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