Facebook – The Fun & The Fury Part 2 by Bill Storie

oic solidarity

By Bill Storie

I titled this mini-series on Facebook, “The Fun and the Fury”

I’m going to cheat a wee bit and insert another “F” word into the title…. No, don’t go there, this is a family-oriented blog and we have kids around (Ok, so some of them are well in their 60s, so what !!). I will insert “Facts”.

It crossed my mind last week that while Facebook does have its ups and downs, it nonetheless can produce staggering statistics. We sometimes forget how many people are on Facebook and, more to the point, how many are actually active on Facebook.

I suppose when we were growing up we sought our interactions with people at school, or at work, or in the pub, or at church, or other places. We knew that social interaction was important to us and even though, at times, we couldn’t stand the sight of friends or family, we nonetheless made the effort to get out of bed and stretch the legs to go meet people. In fact, I remember one study from several years back which examined the effect of work output on people who worked at home versus those who commuted to the office. Many people had though that if you only had to crawl to the kitchen each morning and work in your PJs, then your happiness would be higher, and thus you’d be more productive. Not so, it seems. The study found that social interaction was critical to our well-being.

So, the advent of this new social meeting place called Facebook seems to have dramatically increased our social awareness and interaction … by many multiples. And the nice thing is that we can, in this day and age, actually stay at home, in our bed, in our PJs (or not !!) and socialize with gazillions more people than we ever thought possible. Our circle of friends is no longer the handful of people we used to see every day, but nowadays we have contact with people from the other side of the world. We can see their face (Hmm, wonder if that’s why Mark called it Facebook !!), talk to them, even video them and so forth. And the even greater benefit is that we can actually Unfriend people who annoy us. How cool is that.

So then I reflected on the Olderhood Facebook journey thus far ……… and came up with a few Facts (hence the insertion, got it?)

Between all of our Facebook pages we are just shy of 60,000 Fans around the world, including a Members Club with almost 6,000 people who share pictures and stories and images around the world, around the clock (it never sleeps !!!!!). Olderhood is there day and night, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you wake up in the middle of your night, logon on to Olderhood and someone will be there to chat with you (someone you can trust to treat you with respect).

We post a lot of quotes and images. We now have a very good idea of what us Oldsters appreciate by way of nice words, or interests, or pictures etc. The research, if that’s the right word, has been very illuminating (one day some big company will come along and give us millions of dollars for the unique data and information we have amassed over the past 18 months or so – one can dream, right??)

For example, we posted a Quote/Image a month or so back and we got over 75,000 people look at it. 75,000 !!!!!!

We now regularly get over 15,000 people to look at our Images, especially the Quote/Image (and we post maybe 5 or so each day…. so we easily reach over 50,000 unique people every day !!!). Somehow we’ve mastered the “KYC Rules” (for those not in the financial industry, it is not finger lickin’ good, but “Know Your Customer”. Wow, we do know our customer.

We have oodles more facts and statistics, traffic number, demographics, geographics and on and on. But why bore you. Olderhood is big and getting bigger by the day. Thank you all for helping us become the premier site on the Net for Retirement Happiness stuff.

Next week I promise I will tell you some of the annoying wee things about social media ;-))))

In the meantime, put on a smiling Face(Book)












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