Set course for a new adventure by Patrice Horner

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Patrice Horner, CFP, MBA, Senior Solutions Ltd.

Many times in life, we are forced to change course like a river where the water is diverted by an obstruction, man-made or otherwise. When we reached our older years, this diversion is more frequent and should be anticipated. Be it being skipped over for a promotion by someone younger or being demoted to a lesser position, many of us who have reach olderhood can share these stories.

Ultimately, there is full retirement from the career where decades were spent in a lifetime effort to arrive, somewhere. We used the flow of funds to support life’s day to day activities, with some focus on what comes next being further downriver.  Then the river opens into an ocean. What next?

Some stored-away a surplus to help support the voyage, with others less prepared. In either event, retirees have to set a compass and make way. This is a challenging juncture. As when a river meets the sea, the water can be churned with strong currents. To be prepared, we need an idea of which way to row our boat and how best to use our daily strength.

There is a sea of time facing us. It is a lot of time. This seems to be a daunting reality for most people. There is only so much fishing, shopping, or golfing we can do before we are wanting for more, for something else. What else? That is the question.

For all, we are facing the prospect of finding a purpose for our life. For some, this also includes making money to keep the ship from sinking. It may seem like emerging in some coastal fog. We struggle for focus. Focus first on core values and on what provides personal satisfaction. It could be being social and engaged in a community, since it no longer circles our careers. It might working with plants or animals, or assisting others through professional mentoring or through social work for those in need. Having clarity on our personal satisfaction and values sets the course for our next adventure.

Being a new contributor to Olderhood is another adventure in my life. I look forward to sharing ideas and suggestions on how to make the years carry us to a good destination. By knowing our capabilities, our interests, and our personal goals, we can set a course. Let’s see where we can go in the vast sea of life. We can explore the possibilities over the upcoming weeks.

Patrice Horner holds an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP-US). She covers issues concerning the financial planning industry and profession. Horner is a director of Senior Solutions Ltd. and previously the VP of North Atlantic Management Ltd, a pension investment advisory firm.

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