Facebook – the Fun, the Facts and the Fury Part 3 by Bill Storie

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By Bill Storie

I intend to wrap up this mini-Series on Facebook this week with a little venting. So Mark, ya got yer ears on?

In truth, there are really few issues that, over time, I haven’t got used to with Facebook. I stress the words “over time”. Facebook has this uncanny ability to change settings for example without telling anyone (well they don’t tell me at least, so maybe I’m the only one Mark is upset with !!). There are little quirks all over the place which pop up without notice. And the problem is that it can be difficult to look at the Page and ask yourself, “I think something is missing today but what is it..?” It’s easy to look at something and see that it is wrong, but not so easy to see something not there …. maybe it’s an age thing of course.

I remember when I started the Olderhood Facebook Pages, I contacted Facebook with some questions, and to their credit they did get back to me. In fact a very helpful lady called me to discuss them …. she was head of their Global Business Development Team I think and somehow I managed to become a contributor to that team and was able to send my comments etc when they changed stuff. Pretty cool. In fairness, she was very useful.

But there were so many nuances to the Facebook configurations and their “instructions” were (and still are) tough to understand, far less implement. They need a “Facebook for Dummies” Page that we can link to.

They do change settings and information regularly and it is difficult to follow, and if you ever check their Page Stats for your Page, good luck. You’ll need a spreadsheet 28 feet wide. If like me, you try to use their stats to amend or update your business model re Postings for example, you will soon find out that the only way to effectively do this is to try new things, and hope for the best. The notion that you can test Posts based on common sense or logic is actually a test of human brainpower. I have countless examples of things I have done which have resulted in better stats which baffle me.

I appreciate that Facebook can’t be all things to all people. I appreciate that I am not a techie savant. I’m far from being a geek (quieten down please !!) and I truly believe that as we age, the ability to work out algorithms dissipate over time. Up until a couple years back I actually thought an algorithm had something to do with my heartbeat – who knew !!!

I have every belief that my almost 2 year-old granddaughter has a far better understanding of today’s technology than I do. She instinctively knows which buttons to push – especially her grandmother’s !!!

But I digress (again). Back to Facebook.

Where would I be without Facebook I often wonder.

I’ll tell you….

At 4 am I’d still be in my bed sleeping, instead of sitting in front of my laptop checking on our Olderhood Pages, checking to see who has posted what in our International Club, see which images have been successful, uploading new Posts, creating new designs for new images, writing articles like this, for your pleasure, and so forth. I suppose in retirement, I have the time to do this and I suppose I don’t have anything better to do in my life than to meet thousands of new friends from around the world.

  • I have managed to meet almost 30,000 great people in the Philippines for example.
  • I have managed to have wonderful conversations with people in India about the Indian railways (which I love).
  • I have managed to help thousands of “shut-ins” around the world who seek companionship through things like Facebook.
  • I have managed to produce a television show as a direct result of our Facebook experiences.
  • I have managed to receive invitations to visit wonderful people in wonderful places I barely knew existed…. new friends.
  • I have managed, (or at least, I hope I have) to bring information about retirement concerns, issues and so forth to thousands of people, in a clear and simple fashion.
  • I hope I have shown our Olderhood Community that their worries are the same as millions of other people around the world. Maybe their burden has been lessened.

So, for all my gripes about Facebook, I really am a believer.

By Bill Storie

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